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Add support for ucontext.h methods

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The ucontext functionality is technically obsolete from a POSIX standard perspective. Unfortunately, there is no comparable functionality left in current POSIX standards. Functionality should be based on the last version of POSIX this was included in. The implementation will have to be done for each architecture.

API compliance tests exist for these methods. When supported update psxtests/Makefile.am

When this is fixed, see #2832

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comment:1 Changed on 01/04/19 at 09:50:39 by Sebastian Huber

I would not use the POSIX.1-2001 standard as the reference and instead use the latest glibc API.

void makecontext (ucontext_t *, void (*) (void), int, ...);

An additional feature of glibc is that it allows pointer arguments instead of a simple int on LP64 platforms.

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