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Not all repositories are on located on git.rtems.org

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I have no idea why yet Joel just reported will look into it shortly.

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comment:1 Changed on 10/19/18 at 16:00:23 by Amar Takhar

Joels email:

I pushed a change to newlib and want to proceed to test the updated RSB  with         
the change. It looks like it hasn't had an update in two weeks but                                                     
https://sourceware.org/git/gitweb.cgi?p=newlib-cygwin.git is showing updates 8                                                         
days ago and my change.
Any idea why our mirror is behind? What can I do to force it to update?                                                         

FWIW binutils and gcc look to have been updated more recently.           

The ones that auto update are repositories that exist on https://git.rtems.org/ These ones have been created by someone else. You're not meant to auto-update mirrors like that so you need to push your changes to both repositories to update the Github mirror.

I don't know why these weren't created on https://git.rtems.org/ the Github project was only ever meant to mirror our repository I see we have some repos on Github we don't have on our own.

comment:2 Changed on 10/19/18 at 16:42:01 by Joel Sherrill

Summary: Github isn't updating consistantlyGithub isn't updating consistently

comment:3 Changed on 10/19/18 at 18:05:35 by Amar Takhar

Cc: Chris Johns added
Summary: Github isn't updating consistentlyNot all repositories are on located on git.rtems.org

These repositories should really have been created on https://git.rtems.org.

Anyone know why they were done on Github?

comment:4 Changed on 10/19/18 at 21:47:59 by Chris Johns

This is covered in #3448. Lets not duplicate the issues here.

The discussion is https://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/devel/2018-June/021907.html

comment:5 Changed on 10/19/18 at 22:47:14 by Amar Takhar

This isn't the same issue: That ticket is about setting up the repositories this ticket is about moving them to git.rtems.org and mirroring to Github.

I would like to discuss moving this to our infrastructure and using the Github mirror as a mirror rather than primary infrastructure.

comment:6 Changed on 10/20/18 at 00:19:34 by Chris Johns

The RTEMS github is just mirroring other repos for performance and stability reasons and no other. The RSB references a wide range of services, repos and sites directly and will continue to do so and we do not to host those. Are you suggesting we do?

No commits are pushed directly to the RTEMS github repos, all the repos there are mirrors of other repos. Specific patches in our tools are handled by Trac these days which is part of our infrastructure.

comment:7 Changed on 10/21/18 at 00:49:13 by Amar Takhar

I spoke with Chris about this offline.

Since updating the repositories remotely using our infrastructure involves having a local copy of the repository it doesn't make sense to not offer it on git.rtems.org.

We'll keep these repositories 'hidden' though they won't be on the website but will be available via git for cloning.

This sound okay?

comment:8 Changed on 10/22/18 at 01:02:43 by Chris Johns

The current repos cannot be removed from github as it breaks an RSB repo bisect.

I see moving these as a low priority if we need to at all.

comment:9 Changed on 10/22/18 at 01:13:05 by Amar Takhar

No it would not change anything I would clone the repo from github first and then pull from the origin repo into the local one then push out to github it'll be fine.

But yes I'm not too worried about it.

comment:10 Changed on 10/22/18 at 01:30:27 by Chris Johns

Sounds good.

comment:11 Changed on 02/13/19 at 20:32:58 by Amar Takhar

Milestone: 5.15.2

Not critical for 5.1

comment:12 Changed on 08/17/22 at 06:08:10 by Chris Johns

Milestone: 5.2Indefinite

comment:13 Changed on 01/19/23 at 16:35:26 by Amar Takhar

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Not an issue anymore? We can revisit this if necessary.

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