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Remove pc386 BSP variant

Reported by: Sebastian Huber Owned by: Sebastian Huber
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Component: arch/i386 Version: 6
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Remove the pc386 BSP (bsps/i386/pc386/config/pc386.cfg). The BSP for the historic Intel 80386 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_80386).

The reasons are:

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comment:1 Changed on 04/25/18 at 13:03:40 by Joel Sherrill

Delete bin2boot. But I adamantly oppose removal of this port and bsp until x86_64 is available.

GCC is considering removal of other targets including m68k. Even with it removed, we could choose to stick with an old toolset.

comment:2 Changed on 04/25/18 at 13:05:19 by Sebastian Huber

I don't want to remove all pc386 BSP variants. This ticket is about the removal of bsps/i386/pc386/config/pc386.cfg. I don't want to touch the pc486 for example.

comment:3 Changed on 04/25/18 at 13:08:02 by Sebastian Huber

Summary: Remove pc386 BSPRemove pc386 BSP variant

comment:4 Changed on 04/25/18 at 13:56:01 by Sebastian Huber

I just realized that the bin2boot is used by all i386 BSPs, see also #3410.

comment:5 Changed on 04/26/18 at 03:22:15 by Chris Johns

The post link process is badly defined and implemented inconsistently in the BSPs that supported it. I suspect it is only of use in a limited number of cases and in specific use cases for some hardware configurations. The data in the .cfg files is important and should be kept until we can find a suitable way to export the important details to all application build systems.

I do not think I have used the bin2boot method of booting a PC and current use the standard ELF file our link process generates via the iPXE boot loader that is loaded by a BIOS PXE loader. All this stuff is widely available, clearly documented and supported.

comment:6 Changed on 04/27/18 at 05:13:31 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 3d703f4/rtems:

bsp/pc386: Remove bin2boot support

Update #3408.
Close #3410.

comment:7 Changed on 10/13/18 at 22:54:16 by Joel Sherrill

Milestone: 5.15.2

comment:8 Changed on 10/14/18 at 00:20:27 by Chris Johns

Milestone: 5.2Indefinite
Version: 56
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