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May 13, 2019, 1:33:51 PM (15 months ago)
Sebastian Huber


  • Ticket #3269

    • Property Milestone changed from Indefinite to 5.1
    • Property Version changed from to 5
    • Property Component changed from dev to rtems
    • Property Summary changed from Add functions to enable, disable, and clear interrupts to the IRQ extensions API to Make the IRQ extensions API a standard API
  • Ticket #3269 – Description

    initial v2  
     1The IRQ extensions API defined by <rtems/irq-extensions.h> is currently only implemented by some BSPs and not covered by test cases. It is not documented in the RTEMS Classic API Guide. Change the BSPs so that every BSP implements this API at least as a stub so that we can write tests for this API. Specify and document the API.
     3Extend the API to enable/disable specific interrupt vectors. The proposed functions for this are rtems_interrupt_mask() and rtems_interrupt_unmask().
     5Extend the API to raise/clear specific interrupt vectors. This allows to test specific interrupts. The proposed functions are rtems_interrupt_raise() and rtems_interrupt_clear().
     7Extend the API to set/get the interrupt vector priority.
     9Extend the API to get some information about a particular interrupt vector, e.g. if the raise/clear functions work, if it is possible to change the priority, etc.