#3085 closed enhancement (fixed)

Add hypervisor support for QorIQ BSPs

Reported by: Sebastian Huber Owned by: Sebastian Huber
Priority: normal Milestone: 5.1
Component: arch/powerpc Version: 5
Severity: normal Keywords:
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Change History (37)

comment:1 Changed on 07/28/17 at 08:49:28 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In b615e9b/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Simplify initialization

Do not flush/invalidate the caches. Instead enable the cache during the
low-level initialization and perform an explicit cache flush for the
read-only and fast-text sections.

Update #3082.
Update #3085.

comment:2 Changed on 07/28/17 at 08:49:42 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 0db7c55/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: New BSP names

Due to the FDT support we can now reduce the BSP variants. Use the
processor core to define the BSP variants.

Update #3082.
Update #3085.

comment:3 Changed on 07/28/17 at 13:40:58 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 8966e8a/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix pre-processor expansion

Update #3082.
Update #3085.

comment:4 Changed on 07/31/17 at 12:46:02 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In a597984/rtems:

powerpc: Add register defines

Update #3082.
Update #3085.

comment:5 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:01:28 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 458179f1/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Remove console stuff from bsp_start()

Update #3085.

comment:6 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:01:41 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 20fc4f9/rtems:


Update #3085.

comment:7 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:01:53 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 0ce5bfb/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Do not touch MMU as hypervisor guest

Update #3085.

comment:8 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:02:05 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In b742de2/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Boot page translation

Do not mingle with the boot page translation as hypervisor guest.

Update #3085.

comment:9 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:02:17 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 0d51c05/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Import ePAPR hcalls from Linux 4.12

Update #3085.

comment:10 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:02:30 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 356b1b85/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Port ePAPR hcall interface to RTEMS

Update #3085.

comment:11 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:02:42 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 134fe56/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Add byte channel console driver

Update #3085.

comment:12 Changed on 09/12/17 at 08:02:54 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In df62e51/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Virtual interrupt controller support

Update #3085.

comment:13 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:36:04 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 599e6fbd/rtems:


Make PPC_EXC_CONFIG_USE_FIXED_HANDLER mandatory for BSPs using
ppc_exc_interrupt(). Pass exception number to bsp_interrupt_dispatch()
to allow processing of decrementer and doorbell exceptions as hypervisor

Update #3085.

comment:14 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:36:17 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In fd70e206/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Add early debug output initialization

Update #3085.

comment:15 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:36:29 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In ec28f31/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Add decrementer clock driver

Update #3085.

comment:16 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:36:41 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 44c0114/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Reduce static memory demands

Update #3085.

comment:17 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:36:52 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 6600882b/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Avoid MAS8 access as hypervisor guest

Update #3085.

comment:18 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:37:04 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 2720fbf0/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Avoid IVOR38..42 access as hv guest

Update #3085.

comment:19 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:37:15 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 31540bf/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: MMU configuration as hypervisor guest

Re-enable MMU configuration as hypervisor guest. Make sure the
QORIQ_TLB1_ENTRY_COUNT is set according to the hypervisor configuration.

Update #3085.

comment:20 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:37:27 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In f100a58/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Add hypervisor guest SMP support

Update #3085.

comment:21 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:42:12 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

In 4c1f442/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Update README

Close #3085.

comment:22 Changed on 09/19/17 at 12:42:33 by Sebastian Huber

Milestone: Indefinite4.12.0
Version: 4.12

comment:23 Changed on 09/20/17 at 07:35:46 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In d7ed684/rtems:


Fix link-time error on BSPs not using PPC_EXC_CONFIG_USE_FIXED_HANDLER.

Update #3085.

comment:24 Changed on 09/21/17 at 11:33:28 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In b800f88/rtems:


Fix link-time error.

Update #3085.

comment:25 Changed on 10/10/17 at 06:56:19 by Sebastian Huber

Component: bspsarch/powerpc

comment:26 Changed on 11/09/17 at 06:27:14 by Sebastian Huber


Milestone renamed

comment:27 Changed on 11/20/17 at 07:51:01 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5018894e/rtems:


For the SPE support we must store the upper half of r3 as well.

Update #3085.

comment:28 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:38:44 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5ce2dfa/rtems:

powerpc: Add FSL_EIS_EPR

Update #3085.

comment:29 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:38:55 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 9ec5ff4e/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix hypervisor guest MMU config

Account for DPAA resources defined in the device tree.

Prevent merging of areas with incompatible MAS2.

Update #3085.

comment:30 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:39:07 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 81eced53/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix bsp_fdt_map_intr()

Update #3085.

comment:31 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:39:18 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 2f54488f/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix hypervisor guest IRQ support

Update #3085.

comment:32 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:39:30 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 44ba969/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix hypervisor guest polled console

Update #3085.

comment:33 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:39:42 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 0df59b7c/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Optional multiprocessing support

Update #3085.

comment:34 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:39:53 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 2fd684e/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix hypervisor guest irq vector max

Update #3085.

comment:35 Changed on 01/22/18 at 09:40:05 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In b391fbc6/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix hypervisor guest interrupt init

Update #3085.

comment:36 Changed on 01/23/18 at 06:30:46 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 469fdeb/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix define for optional intercom

Update #3085.

comment:37 Changed on 03/20/18 at 06:42:19 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5d44981c/rtems:

bsp/qoriq: Fix bsp_restart()

Update #3085.

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