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#2217 closed enhancement (worksforme)

RTEMS source builder suggestion: check status of what has already been built

Reported by: sbattazzo Owned by: Chris Johns
Priority: low Milestone: 4.11
Component: build Version: 4.11
Severity: normal Keywords:
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The source builder seems to always start from the beginning when re-run after exiting with an error.
Some steps such as building newlib take a long time to complete. A nice-to-have would be to maintain status of what has successfully been built, and maybe a quick check to verify that the source has not been modified since the last successful build before unnecessarily running again. Then subsequent retries could take much less time.

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comment:1 Changed on 12/11/14 at 22:23:45 by Chris Johns

If the RSB is the same git hash used to build the installed tools then a verify operation should work. The RSB should build exactly the same tools if nothing has changed. This is a fundamental requirement of the RSB. If the RSB git hash has changed the only 100% certain way for the RSB to know if the changes effect your built tools is to build them. The RSB source and configuration could have changed, the user's environment or the host may have changed. Each of these factors could effect the build.

Maybe a hash of the user's environment, a hash of all source used and a hash of the internally built doit script might be a way to determine if the result is the same. The only concern is something being missed and the tools should have been built.

Once 4.11 is released and the tools become stable and the update cycle slows down. For release branches we could look at ways to compare builds of the tools and to see what changes and make that information available so users can see if they need to update.

comment:2 Changed on 12/11/14 at 23:09:25 by sbattazzo

Thanks! After looking at your comment and looking at my command line output, for some reason it looks like the hashes were missing on my machine, I guess that explains why the builder was starting from the beginning each time. I will have to look into why that might be.

comment:3 Changed on 12/14/14 at 21:14:12 by Chris Johns

The builder will start from the beginning each time. It is suppose to.

comment:4 Changed on 03/07/15 at 16:32:13 by Amar Takhar

Milestone: 4.11
Resolution: worksforme
Status: newclosed

Closing this as the current behaviour is expected. Anyone willing to add support for incremental builds is always welcome!

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