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#2111 closed defect

AVR needs avr-libc to compile RTEMS.

Reported by: cynt6007 Owned by: Joel Sherrill
Priority: normal Milestone: 6.1
Component: config Version: 4.11
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Description (last modified by Gedare Bloom)

The avr io.h header gives a warning that if not doing avr-libc, that if not heeded leads to many errors.

Need an avr-libc configuration file... should be a place-holding stub that states this is a problematic build.

Anyway, these are just some cans of worms... FYI

AVR has issues so deep it requires ~50 patches for binutils, ~60 patches for gcc, and has ~14 patches for avr-libc.

I suspect getting ONE functional AVR-RTEMS a major undertaking... I wonder if it might be worth exploring using ATMEL's prepatched toolchain for non-Ada builds... For Ada-builds, that's going to be another major undertaking...

Eric Weddington (at ATMEL) is recommending the use of their source for C, C++ builds...

Although the Rolf Ebert (at AVR-Ada) have their own patch-set (using different tool versions) etc, which is making updating the AVR port so challenging...

Their source-builder is located at:

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Replying to comment:14:

... gcc won't build without a libc... (complains about 'limits.h') gcc-4.8.0
has an internal compiler error with avr-libc, and newlib is too big for AVR, so
going back to gcc-4.7.2 with avr-libc... avr community maintains non-rtems
targets, so using an avr target (as opposed to avr-rtems4.11)

This is OK. The avr GCC community needs to know this so they can decide what to do. Unfortunately as much as we would like all targets to upgrade in lockstep, it doesn't happen. We would need a more aggressive testing program to know this as early as possible and attempt to fix an issue. And we could still end up in this situation.

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