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c/src/libchip/serial/z85c30.c:707:18: warning: variable 'ulCtrlPort2' set but not used

Reported by: Ralf Corsepius Owned by: Joel Sherrill
Priority: normal Milestone: 4.11
Component: unspecified Version: 4.11
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GCC raises the warning from the subject, which is pointing to this code:

Z85C30_STATIC void z85c30_initialize_interrupts(

int minor


uint32_t ulCtrlPort1;
uint32_t ulCtrlPort2;
setRegister_f setReg;

ulCtrlPort1 = Console_Port_Tbl[minor]->ulCtrlPort1;
ulCtrlPort2 = Console_Port_Tbl[minor]->ulCtrlPort2;
setReg = Console_Port_Tbl[minor]->setRegister;


=> ulCtrlPort2 is not used.

Removing the 2 lines referring to ulCtrlPort2 would silence GCC,
but I am not sure if this warning actually points to a defect.

It seems to me, as if the original author of this code had wanted to initialize something related to "ulCtrlPort2", which was never implemented, lost or else throughout this file's history - I don't know.

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Someone removed the lines.

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