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Doxygen does not currently build

Reported by: Joel Sherrill Owned by: Ralf Corsepius
Priority: normal Milestone: 4.11
Component: score Version: 4.10
Severity: normal Keywords:
Cc: sebastian.huber@… Blocked By:


The full build log is at:


/home/rtems/work/b-doc/sparc-rtems4.11/lib/include/rtems/bsd/sys/cdefs.h:180: Error: More #endif's than #if's found.

Below is fragments from the script that builds it for the website.

# Doxygen is run on the preinstalled include tree so the @file names match
# those from a caller's perspective.

$r/configure --target=sparc-rtems4.11 --enable-multilib \

--disable-networking >c.log 2>&1

make preinstall >b.log 2>&1
cd sparc-rtems4.11/cpukit

# Doxygen has an output directory in its config file and we just change it
# to somewhere we like.

mv Doxyfile Doxyfile.tmp
sed -e "s,OUTPUT_DIRECTORY.*=.*$,OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = ${dp}-tmp," <Doxyfile.tmp >Doxyfile

# This just saves the log

doxygen >${d}/doxy.log 2>&1

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comment:1 Changed on 06/11/10 at 11:21:50 by Joel Sherrill

Cc: Sebastian Huber added

comment:2 Changed on 06/11/10 at 18:40:01 by Ralf Corsepius

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

No idea why you are generating the docs this arkward way.

mkdir BUILD
../configure ....
make RTEMS_BSP= preinstall
cd <target>/cpukit

works for me.

Nevertheless the generated docs are quite broken. I just applied a couple of fixes and hacks to get rid of the worst issues with them.

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