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Problems building with POSIX support

Reported by: M. Munoz Owned by: Ralf Corsepius
Priority: normal Milestone: 4.10
Component: build Version: 4.10
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I've downloaded RTEMS from CVS today and I've had some trouble building for SPARC with POSIX support. I've had to modify some files in rtems/cpukit/posix in order to build RTEMS. However, I don't know what's the cause of the problem or if my changes will create other issues.

My development system is SUSE 11.0, and I'm using the pre-built development tools RPMs.

I think that there is some inconsistency between the sources and the newlib installed with the GNU tools. It might be related to bug 1373 (sched.h).

I've configured with:

../rtems/configure --target=sparc-rtems4.10 --enable-rtemsbsp=leon2 --disable-itron --enable-posix --enable-cxx --prefix=/home/arv/test/rtems/install/

(I tried also with leon3 and sis, and found the same problem.)

When running make, I've found the following errors:

  • In pthread.c and other files: unknown members in the sched_param struc;
  • In sched_getparam.c and other files: incomplete type of sched_param.

I've modified the following files in rtems/cpukit/posix/src:

  • psxtransschedparam.c
  • pthread.c
  • pthreadcreate.c
  • sched_getparam.c
  • sched_getprioritymax.c
  • sched_getprioritymin.c
  • sched_getscheduler.c
  • sched_setparam.c
  • sched_setscheduler.c
  • sched_yield.c

The changes are:

  • Replace the instances of sched_ss_init_budget with ss_initial_budget;
  • Replace the instances of sched_ss_repl_period with ss_replenish_period;
  • Replace the instances of sched_ss_low_priority with ss_low_priority;
  • Insert #include <sys/types.h> just before the instances of #include <sched.h>.

With these changes I've been able to build RTEMS. I've checked some of the tests for LEON2 and they work. However, I'm new to RTEMS and I don't know if the changes might create other problems.

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I've installed the CentOS5 RPMs and they work perfectly. They have a couple of dependencies from older libraries that had to be downloaded independently, but they were easy to find.

Thanks a lot!

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