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Showing objects tagged with 'coverity'

  • #2926 defect: Coverity Reports Multiple Out of Bounds Accesses in rtd-mdreloc-sparc.c (assigned)
  • #3514 defect: Resource Leak in hexdump-parse.c (CID 26032) (assigned)
  • #3544 defect: Coverity flags use of uninitialized variable in e500-mmu.c (assigned)
  • #3597 defect: Variable tmp_dirent not initialized CID 1440356 (new)
  • #3946 defect: capture-support: Dead Code (CID #1461469 \) (assigned)
  • #3947 defect: fdt_rw.c: Unchecked return value (CID #1047324) (assigned)
  • #3948 enhancement: Export Issues from Coverity Scan (new)