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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1778 mvme5500 BSP: VME uses shared ISR Joel Sherrill enhancement normal 4.9.5 bsps
#2158 dup2 is broken Chris Johns defect normal Indefinite fs
#2159 pipe read waits for all requested data Chris Johns defect normal Indefinite fs
#2434 general gpio.h is no longer installed leading to build breakage Ben Gras <beng@…> defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2986 Convert Coding Style to Sphinx Document chrisj@… enhancement normal Indefinite doc
#3311 Update for Sphinx 1.7 compatibility Chris Johns defect normal doc
#4179 libbsd select timeout issue Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…> defect normal network/libbsd
#4273 Add a directive to report the RTEMS architecture Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 7.1 rtems
#4510 Fix ILP32 multilib variant in newlib for AArch64 defect normal 7.1 arch/aarch64
#4781 RAP generated for ARM/AArch64 DL06 test won't read correctly with rtems-rap Joel Sherrill <joel@…> defect normal 6.1 tool
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