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#2869 Remove support for 16-bit object identifiers enhancement normal score
#2871 Use bibtex references thoughout the documentation defect normal doc
#2872 Get rid of CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_PTYS enhancement normal score
#3767 Should all PPC BSPs build with -mstrict-align? defect normal arch/powerpc 6
#3889 Test needed for timer_create with CLOCK_MONOTONIC joel@… defect normal test
#3890 Test needed for clock_nanosleep with CLOCK_MONOTONIC joel@… defect normal test
#3977 Add unexplained-failure as option for Test Configuration Files joel@… enhancement normal test
#4003 Zynq-7000 BSP: Support using OCM as cacheable memory enhancement normal admin 5
#4004 Add support for sigaction SA_RESETHAND enhancement normal posix
#4023 Build GNU sed if not installed when building gcc defect normal tool/rsb 6
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