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#4058 RSB 5/rtems-riscv fails to build on Windows defect high tool/gdb 5
#2746 RTEMS gdb python script do not load. defect normal tool/gdb 5
#3676 Move aio.h from RTEMS to newlib enhancement normal tool/newlib
#3975 RTEMS 5 : sem_wait + sem_destroy behavior change enhancement normal posix 5
#4011 Test compilation error in riscv bsps defect normal admin 5
#4053 [libbsd] e1000 driver not working for i386 based BSP in current rtems-libbsd 5 branch defect normal network/libbsd 5
#4059 RSB: UnicodeDecodeError defect normal tool/rsb 5
#4071 RSB does not pass BSP options correctly. defect normal admin 5
#4106 RSB Missing BSP bset for xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu defect normal tool/rsb 5
#4144 fileio - Stack too small for login with password (cloned) joel@… defect normal test 5
#4146 rtems-tools/doc/rtems-tester.txt Needs Updating or Removed defect normal doc 5
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