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#3651 Sphinx 1.8 PDF (latex) on FreeBSD does not build defect high doc 5
#3416 Update Ubuntu RSB Instructions for 17.10 defect normal tool 5
#3605 RTL Allows Unloading a Module other Modules Depend Upon (cloned) defect normal lib/dl 5
#3624 MSYS2 builds appear to ignore tcfg file defect normal admin 5
#3683 Git clone via HTTPS does not give much interactive feedback infra normal admin 5
#3688 rtems-docs fails to build with python3 defect normal doc 5
#3745 RTL lacks support for `group` (17) type sections defect normal lib/dl 5
#3751 No documentation on Region Get Information Directives defect normal doc 5
#3753 Rename CONFIGURE_LIBIO_MAXIMUM_FILE_DESCRIPTORS defect normal config 5
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