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#4065 Typo in rtems-boot.ini "ubootdior" should be "ubootdir" defect normal tool 5
#4137 The select mechanism does not support asynchronous device communication defect normal admin 4.11
#4138 the atomicity of some operations cannot be guaranteed. defect normal tool/gcc 4.11
#4139 low efficiency of sending inter-core interrupts defect normal lib 4.11
#4170 Raspberry Pi booting files from master branch not working defect normal doc 5
#4210 rtems-record-lttng '-e' option does not verify existance defect normal tool 5
#4325 Ubuntu's gcc preventing QEMU from being built defect normal tool/rsb 5
#4344 powerpc/beatnik: split network driver into multiple files (preparation for libbsd support) enhancement normal bsps 5
#4345 Nexus Driver for Marvell mv643xx Ethernet Adapter (powerpc/beatnik BSP, MVME6100 board) enhancement normal network/libbsd 5
#4352 about get cpu number defect normal bsps 4.11
#4353 the pci initialization part cannot pass the initialization defect normal admin 4.11
#4408 RTEMS ARM Toolchain: armv8.0-m and armv8.1-m arch support enhancement normal admin 5
#4457 shell command problem defect normal admin 5
#4362 about error number defect low admin 4.11
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