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#3449 Workspace corruption due to nested acquisition of API Mutex defect high score 4.10
#2375 tftpDriver free's current_directory defect normal network/legacy 4.10
#2485 RSB: 4.10 automake build broken defect normal tool/rsb 4.10
#2522 RSB can sometimes change the wrong local git repository (includes a fix). Chris Johns defect normal tool/rsb 4.10
#2724 Compiling GCC 4.4.7 for rtems 4.10 branch fails when compiled with newer GCC Chris Johns defect normal tool/rsb 4.10
#2779 building rtems-4.10 using rsb 4.12 (git upstream) fails due to several erros defect normal tool/rsb 4.10
#3288 Remove doc from RSB on 4.10 branch enhancement normal tool/rsb 4.10
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