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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3017 improvement in pci.h joel.sherrill@… task normal 5.1 score
#4543 cannot build multiprocessor application on eclipse task high 6.1 arch/aarch64
#2217 RTEMS source builder suggestion: check status of what has already been built Chris Johns enhancement low 4.11 build
#4541 rtems_jffs2_rmnod function problem enhancement normal 5.1 fs/jaffs2
#1191 Test for BCC: email to rtems-bugs list Jeff Mayes defect normal 4.8 admin
#1312 PATH_MAX undefined in c/src/nfsclient/src/dirutils.c Joel Sherrill defect low 4.8 score
#1461 mptests reference TICKS_PER_SECOND Joel Sherrill defect normal 4.10 unspecified
#1499 lpc24xx_ncs_ram BSS doesn't build thomas.doerfler defect normal 4.10 bsps
#1572 Autoconf Offset macro help needed Ralf Corsepius defect normal 4.11 build
#1736 Termios transmit starvation Joel Sherrill defect normal 4.11 score
#1969 lpc2362 does not build thomas.doerfler defect normal 4.11 bsps
#2003 Instruction cache problem in gen5200 bsps Sebastian Huber defect normal 4.10 bsps
#2123 Could RSB automatically install autoconf/automake if the versions are too low? Chris Johns defect normal 4.11 tool/rsb
#2126 building rtems Chris Johns defect normal 4.11 unspecified
#2221 powerpc/pghplus and tqm8xx_stk8xx compile error on head Sebastian Huber defect highest 4.11 bsps
#2315 rtems-tester support for pc386 Needs Funding defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2538 4.11 tools on RSB 4.11 branch fail to build Chris Johns defect high 4.11.3 tool/rsb
#2694 linking issue for htonl, etc when using -std=c99 Sebastian Huber defect low 5.1 network/legacy
#2945 Many failures on LEON3 with SMP disabled Daniel Hellstrom defect highest 5.1 unspecified
#2980 pc586-sse does not compile fsjffs2gc01 Sebastian Huber defect normal 5.1 unspecified
#3011 Error compiling xilinx_zynq_zedboard. Gedare Bloom defect normal 5.1 arch/arm
#3204 Exception in rtems-test Chris Johns defect normal 5.1 tool
#3212 Qemu Fails to Build, RSB Gives Odd Traceback Chris Johns defect normal 5.1 tool/rsb
#3227 sb-check fails on Msys2 64-bit Chris Johns defect normal 5.1 admin
#3474 error: no build set file found: 4.11/rtems-arm.bset defect high 4.11.4 tool/rsb
#3698 libdl failure on many PowerPC BSPs defect normal 6.1 lib/dl
#3878 rtems06: All BSPs Fail to build with BSP Builder on rtems 6 defect normal 6.1 rtems
#4194 RSB failed with mail subject: Build Linux: PASSED 6/rtems-arm on x86_64-linux-gnu defect normal 6.1 tool/rsb
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