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#3474 2 years ago worksforme tool/rsb FredDeCaro 2 years ago

error: no build set file found: 4.11/rtems-arm.bset


I was trying to follow the instruction here:

I was trying to build a tool chain for the ARM architecture as descibed. Below is my output and error:

$ pwd /c/opt/rtems/4_11_2

$ ./source-builder/sb-set-builder --prefix=/opt/rtems/4.11 --jobs=none 4.11/rtems-arm RTEMS Source Builder - Set Builder, 4.11.not_released Build Set: 4.11/rtems-arm error: no build set file found: 4.11/rtems-arm.bset Build Set: Time 0:00:00 Build FAILED

$ uname -a CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 AZ25CY5LJH2W 1.7.16(0.262/5/3) 2012-07-20 22:55 i686 Cygwin

#3330 3 years ago invalid tool/binutils Ben 3 years ago

gcc m68k inline asm does not recognize sr


unknown register when using inline assembly for m68k gcc gives: error: unknown register name 'sr' in 'asm' from code below

    asm ("movew #0x2700,%%sr \n\t" );

for other registers it works, using gcc for *.S works fine

#3313 3 years ago fixed tool/rsb Chris Johns Chris Johns 3 years ago

RSB VERSION in unicode environment fails.


This is the issue in #3312

#3316 3 years ago fixed tool/rsb Chris Johns Chris Johns 3 years ago

Move expat's home site to github from SF.


See #3315

#3324 3 years ago fixed lib Chris Johns Chris Johns 3 years ago

mhttpd's http etag can result in invalid caching in a browser.


The mhttp's http etag uses the mtime and file length and this can cause

subtle issues if a target has no RTC or it is incorrect and files are being copied without preserving the mtime or changes happen that do not change the length.

The cp and untar code do not update a file's time.

Add support for an etag callback so a user can manage the tag, ie MD5 or something similar.

#3393 2 years ago fixed tool/rsb Chris Johns Chris Johns 2 years ago

4.11: infinite loop in RSB's path when a prefix path is not writable


The code gets the dirname() of the path stepping up until there is no path however dirname('/') is / so the path never has a length of 0.

#3870 7 months ago fixed score Chris Johns Chris Johns <chrisj@…> 7 months ago

libc_reent set up is broken


The patch ...

... removes pieces of the initialisation of newlib's re-entrant struct. Are they are needed? I think they are. This breaks code such as telnet clients is subtle and difficult to find ways.

With this change you cannot assign anything to stdint or stdout unless a suitable call to newlib is made that has the internal CHECK_INIT() macro. Any assignment is wiped out as _sdidinit is false and that results in _sinit being called.

Is the lazy init in newlib on purpose? If so should __getreent in our libcsupport be returning a struct that is not initialised?

Is the change in the linked patch standards compliant?

A simple grep of code for an assignment of libc_reent did not show how this TCB field was initialised and it is not apparrent or easy to find. Why is the code written this way? There are no comments with _Thread_Control_add_ons and Thread_Configured_control explaining what are doing and how to use them and how they get loaded into the TCB.

#3877 7 months ago fixed shell Chris Johns Chris Johns <chrisj@…> 5 months ago

No output from joel scripts in telnet (cloned)


Cloned from #3859:

Running a joel script in a telnet session results in the output being sent to the global stdout. For example:

$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

RTEMS Shell on /dev/pty0. Use 'help' to list commands.
[/] # cat j
#! joel
ls -las /
[/] # ./j
[/] #

The bug is a new shell main loop task will default to the global stdout, stdin etc and has no information about the parent's std handles. A joel script runs in it's own work task and does not know the telnet's std handles.

There are a related set of issues in the handling of the shell_env variable, POSIX key handling and the use of the external call rtems_shell_main_loop.

The telnet example in libbsd has:

static void
telnet_shell(char *name, void *arg)
	rtems_shell_env_t env;

	memset(&env, 0, sizeof(env));

	env.devname = name;
	env.taskname = "TLNT";
	env.login_check = NULL;
	env.forever = false;


This is problematic as control of the env has been lost and this make backwards comptatable changes difficult. Control of this struct needs to be brought back under the shell code.

Currently the posix key is set in the parent task only when the run entry point is used. The run's created shell_env is then passed to the shell's main loop task as an argument from which it is cloned. This means an env is malloced in each run call and again in the main loop of the shell.

The current code leaks memory as repeated calls to a joel script in a shell will set the key over and over. The destructor is only called when the task is deleted. We have to assume the cleanup of any shell_env allocated externally to the shell code has to be handled externally.

Setting the key in the main loop task is problematic because telnet code such as the example in libbsd uses a local stack shell_env and the key has a destructor that blindly free's the key's memory when a task is released.


  1. Add parent_stdout, parent_stdin, and parent_stderr to the shell_env and set to the parent's std handles.
  2. Add a managed flag to shell_env and only set when allocated by rtems_shell_init_env. Change rtems_shell_env_free to only free the shell_env if managed.
  3. Remove all key sets and have only one in the shell's main loop code.
  4. Change rtems_shell_init_env to get the current tasks key and clone that before cloning the global env.
  5. Update rtems_shell_dup_current_env to set the parent std handles.
  6. Have the main loop use the parent std handles rather than the global handles.
  7. Check the magic field has been set in the shell's main loop and raise an error if not set. The only code to set this field should reside in shell.c. Code such as libbsd will need to call rtems_shell_dup_current_env.
#3357 3 years ago fixed tool Gedare Bloom Gedare Bloom 3 years ago

rtems-tools tester 4.11 branch hosts defaults error on Linux


The 4.11 branch of rtems-tools/tester/rtems-test fails on Ubuntu (and other Linux hosts) with an error message regarding "failed to load Linux host support"

#3541 2 years ago fixed doc Joel Sherrill Joel Sherrill <joel@…> 2 years ago

Classic API Barrier Wait Section Title Has Wrong Name


The section title says obtain not wait.

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