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#2176 fishy behavior in termios tx task mode Joel Sherrill defect low score
#2284 h8300 gets error linking dl0* tests Chris Johns defect normal unspecified 4.11
#2305 sp07 needs to be split into an user extensions and a notepad test defect normal unspecified 4.11
#2366 Create a Public API for the Atomic Operations enhancement normal score 5
#2377 rtems_waf: Tools without a version are not supported defect normal tool 5
#2464 RSB: Tool patches use the RTEMS version defect normal tool 5
#2490 RSB: Use SHA512 instead of MD5 Chris Johns defect normal tool/rsb 5
#2527 Move pc386/tools/bin2boot to rtems-tools Chris Johns enhancement normal tool 5
#2628 Avoid home-grown condition variable implementation in the Classic Regions Sebastian Huber enhancement normal score
#2663 pc386 BSP has complex dependencies Sebastian Huber enhancement normal arch/i386 4.11
#2771 Empty C++ file with just <rtems.h> does not compile with HEAD. defect highest score 5
#2788 RTEMS I2C API only defines Standard-mode (Sm) speed as a default. Chris Johns enhancement normal score 4.10
#2880 src/cpukit/libfs/src/jffs2/src/readinode.c:189: faulty logic defect normal unspecified 4.11
#2896 RSB requirements are missing pax Chris Johns defect normal tool/rsb 4.11
#2923 Questionable Code in resource_snapshot.c Sebastian Huber defect normal score 5
#2935 Termios task driven mode not compatible with SMP joel.sherrill@… defect normal score 5
#2943 rtems building error defect normal unspecified 4.11
#2949 Questionable patch organization in RTEMS tools and RSB defect normal tool/rsb
#2999 sb-check on Cygwin Chris Johns defect normal tool/rsb 5
#3009 Provide invalid link handler for so old docs can be removed. joel.sherrill@… infra high tool/website 5
#3123 GDB 8.0.1 is broken on FreeBSD 11 Sebastian Huber defect normal tool/gdb 5
#3152 Beaglebone Black crashes on u-boot master build. Chris Johns defect high arch/arm 5
#3281 Add epiphany support to GDB 8.0.0 Sebastian Huber enhancement normal tool/gdb 5
#3421 New Trac components for Coverage and Trace chrisj@… defect normal admin 5
#3432 Remove Simple SMP Priority Scheduler enhancement normal score 5
#3505 powerpc/virtex redefined warning Sebastian Huber defect normal arch/powerpc 5
#3677 ARM BSP contains ARM code in THUMB only build defect normal tool/gcc 5
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