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#2363 SPARC: Silent FP context corruption possible defect lowest arch/sparc 4.11
#2544 Osolete m68k/ods68302 Joel Sherrill defect normal unspecified 5
#2664 spclock_err02 Sebastian Huber defect normal score 5
#2835 Ada support is broken on SMP configurations Needs Funding defect normal tool/gcc 4.11
#2863 Update POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide for ReST Joel Sherrill enhancement normal doc 5
#3255 Warnings on 64-bit targets Sebastian Huber defect normal arch/powerpc 5
#3266 cpukit/libpci references BSP headers. defect normal lib 5
#3423 examples-v2: m68k/powerpc BSPs undefined reference to _Thread_Life_action_handler defect normal admin 5
#3511 int/pointer size warnings in powerpc-qoriq_e6500_64 Sebastian Huber defect normal arch/powerpc 5
#3512 sb-check:No python command with Python 2 and Python 3 installed defect normal tool/rsb 5
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