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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2250 FTP Clean Up, Current and Past Releases RPM Archive assigned Needs Funding task normal Indefinite
#2534 HTTPS and FTP fail from AWS instances to RTEMS server assigned Needs Funding infra normal Indefinite
#2779 building rtems-4.10 using rsb 4.12 (git upstream) fails due to several erros new defect normal 4.10.3
#2979 Load rap files failure with zeroed sections assigned Needs Funding defect normal Indefinite
#3192 RTL Memory Leak after module unload with dlclose() new defect normal Indefinite
#3194 RTL Infinite Loop Condition after dlopen() tries to resolve leftover external references new defect normal Indefinite
#3195 RTL Allows Unloading a Module other Modules Depend Upon new defect normal Indefinite
#3470 Install of arm xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu bset on Win 10 fails new defect normal
#4923 FPU context init/switch not working well on more than 2 tasks on Cortex-Mx/ARMv7-M platform accepted Cedric Berger defect normal 6.1
#2688 POSIX User Manual has incomplete sections. assigned Needs Funding defect high Indefinite
#2861 Collaspe boxes hover on should indicate clickable. accepted Chris Johns defect high Indefinite
#3304 catalogue is wrong new defect high 4.11.4
#3449 Workspace corruption due to nested acquisition of API Mutex new defect high 4.10.3
#4764 msdos_format throws RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_INVALID_HEAP_FREE on free(fmt_params.sec) new defect high Indefinite
#4984 MCAN init fail on arm/samV71 bsp in RTEMS 5.3 new defect high
#4575 Registration for the devel mailing list not working new infra highest
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