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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2200 Missing IRC logs assigned Amar Takhar infra highest Indefinite
#2541 m68k/mcf52235 Missing Copyright/License assigned Needs Funding defect highest Indefinite
#3138 RTEMS server `service2` root disk is full assigned Amar Takhar infra highest Indefinite
#2473 mvme162 has invalid code in start up assigned Needs Funding defect high Indefinite
#3727 RTEMS 5 raises exception on mvme2100 VME CPU board (PowerPC) new defect high
#4050 Change verson details to be version.revision new defect high 6.1
#3081 gcc 7.1 fails to build in TrueOS (aka FreeBSD 12-CURRENT #66 git ac2f0aa3b) new joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite
#3206 BSPs Wiki Page is Out of Date assigned defect normal Indefinite
#3467 Backport rtems-bsp-builder to 4.10 assigned chrisj@… defect normal 4.10.3
#3985 RSB PC BSP packages fail on building curl (libbsd related) assigned Chris Johns defect normal 5.2
#4648 User manual documentation updates new defect normal 6.1
#4662 Fix GCC 12 warnings new defect normal 6.1
#4681 Generated linkcmd scripts do not rebuild sample executables new defect normal 6.1
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