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#4547 dtc build failure on msys2 - all rtems6 target tools fail to build on Windows 10 new defect normal 6.1
#4570 devel/qemu is not buildable on Mac OS X. assigned Needs Funding defect normal Indefinite
#4571 Compile devel/qemu as part of 6/rtems-x86_64 tools. new enhancement normal
#4856 bsp-bulder missing warnings in the BSP report table. new defect normal
#4891 Port TinyUSB to RTEMS. new project normal Indefinite
#4923 FPU context init/switch not working well on more than 2 tasks on Cortex-Mx/ARMv7-M platform new defect normal 6.1
#4937 RSB fails to build 6/rtems-llvm on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS new defect normal
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