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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#2473 mvme162 has invalid code in start up assigned Needs Funding defect Indefinite high
#2609 rtems-bsp incorrectly uses find -depth assigned Needs Funding defect Indefinite high
#2688 POSIX User Manual has incomplete sections. assigned Needs Funding defect Indefinite high
#2861 Collaspe boxes hover on should indicate clickable. accepted Chris Johns defect Indefinite high
#3053 Change RTEMS License to Two Paragraph BSD new enhancement Indefinite high
#3304 catalogue is wrong new defect 4.11.4 high
#3429 Add Filesystem Benchmarking tools to RTEMS assigned udit agarwal task Indefinite high
#3449 Workspace corruption due to nested acquisition of API Mutex new defect 4.10.3 high
#3479 error: building rtems-tools-4.11.2-1 new defect high
#3727 RTEMS 5 raises exception on mvme2100 VME CPU board (PowerPC) new defect high
#4050 Change verson details to be version.revision new defect 7.1 high
#4072 testsuite: Add ticket ids for expected-fail and indeterminate states, add annotations assigned Chris Johns defect 6.1 high
#4695 Automatic version numbers in the documentation assigned Chris Johns defect 6.1 high
#4743 rtems-libbsd license? new enhancement high
#4760 RSB fatal error on missing hash checksums reopened Chris Johns defect 6.1 high
#4764 msdos_format throws RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_INVALID_HEAP_FREE on free(fmt_params.sec) new defect Indefinite high
#4786 Formalise backups accepted Amar Takhar infra Indefinite high
#4794 Migrate new infra Indefinite high
#4836 Ongoing operation of RTEMS infrastructure. new infra Indefinite high
#4886 Build of gdb-9.1 fails on mingw64 assigned Chris Johns defect 5.4 high
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