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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2169 rename(2) does not allow destination file to exist, contravenes POSIX and RTEMS documentation new defect highest Indefinite fs
#2861 Collaspe boxes hover on should indicate clickable. accepted defect high Indefinite doc
#3303 PDF documentation is formatted as multi-column accepted defect high 4.11.4 doc
#3548 RSB and RTEMS Tools Support for python2 and python3 (cloned) assigned defect high 4.11.4 tool
#3615 Convert Tools_Used Wiki page into Support Tools Selection with Criteria assigned enhancement high 6.1 admin
#1459 Add rtems_shell_main_monitor to cpukit/libmisc/shell/shell.h? assigned defect normal 6.1 shell
#1512 Shell commands update assigned defect normal 4.10.3 doc
#1625 TFTPFS memory corruption using relative paths assigned defect normal 4.10.3 fs
#2158 dup2 is broken reopened defect normal Indefinite fs
#2159 pipe read waits for all requested data reopened defect normal Indefinite fs
#2279 mips-rtems dl01 failure on MIPS Endian Issue assigned defect normal Indefinite lib/dl
#2486 RSB: 4.10 invalid kernel URL accepted defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2506 RTEMS Linker and Tester Wiki Confusion new defect normal Indefinite doc
#2518 RTEMS 4.9 cannot be built with modern texinfo (includes a fix) new defect normal 4.9.5 unspecified
#2519 RSB cannot build RTEMS 4.9 (includes a fix) new defect normal 4.9.5 tool/rsb
#2521 RSB cannot build RTEMS 4.9 (part 2) (includes a fix) new defect normal 4.9.5 tool/rsb
#2522 RSB can sometimes change the wrong local git repository (includes a fix). new defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2552 Add per-section compilation and rtems dynamic linking support assigned defect normal 5.2 lib/dl
#2612 R_ARM_GOT_BREL relocation type unsupported accepted enhancement normal lib/dl
#2724 Compiling GCC 4.4.7 for rtems 4.10 branch fails when compiled with newer GCC new defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2778 Error building RTEMS Source Builder recipe for libxml assigned enhancement normal 6.1 unspecified
#2792 possible RFS deadlock assigned defect normal Indefinite fs
#2911 RSB Requirements for Ubuntu and Raspbian assigned defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2927 RTEMS Testing Tool Project assigned project normal Indefinite unspecified
#2960 RSB: Reports modified Git version in case RSB is a Git submodule accepted defect normal Indefinite tool/rsb
#2979 Load rap files failure with zeroed sections accepted defect normal 6.1 lib/dl
#3019 Update RSB to use gcc-4.9.4 for rtems 4.11 assigned defect normal Indefinite tool/gcc
#3048 RSB cannot overwrite read-only files new defect normal Indefinite tool/rsb
#3118 fdt-shell uses char as index, gets warnings assigned defect normal unspecified
#3120 RTEMS - EtherCAT SOEM integration accepted task normal Indefinite network/legacy
#3147 DEBUGGER01 Test failure on Beaglebone Black assigned defect normal Indefinite score
#3156 rtems-fdt probably not supported on 64-bit PowerPC assigned defect normal Indefinite score
#3230 RSB does not report --rsb-file for patches correctly. accepted defect normal 6.1 tool/rsb
#3262 GCC-4 Build failure with GCC-4.3+ assigned defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#3276 rtems-test: Add option to consume a log file and generate a report for it assigned enhancement normal Indefinite tool
#3302 Build System conversion of BSP Config (.cfg) files to pkg-config (.pc) files assigned project normal unspecified
#3311 Update for Sphinx 1.7 compatibility reopened defect normal doc
#3314 RTEMS Release Notes Generator assigned project normal admin
#3338 Port CHFS to RTEMS assigned enhancement normal Indefinite fs
#3439 buffer overflow in rtems_rfs_bitmap_create_search() accepted defect normal fs/rfs
#3462 Convert covoar C code to C++ assigned defect normal Indefinite tool
#3623 rtems-syms invoking m68k-rtemsundefined-gcc assigned defect normal Indefinite tool
#3671 rtems-test needs a --version option or similar assigned enhancement normal 6.1 tool
#3698 libdl failure on many PowerPC BSPs assigned defect normal 6.1 lib/dl
#3712 TLS support for libdl assigned project normal Indefinite lib/dl
#3729 Add extra variables to assigned defect normal 6.1 build
#3737 Improve Accessibility of User Manual assigned project normal Indefinite doc
#3740 Libld does not load incrementially linked object file assigned defect normal 6.1 lib/dl
#3779 arm_switch_reg undeclared when building libdebugger/rtems-debugger-arm assigned defect normal lib/debugger
#3850 Modular Network Stacks assigned project normal Indefinite admin
#3886 Fail an RSB build with --mail option if a repo is not clean assigned defect normal 6.1 tool/rsb
#3946 capture-support: Dead Code (CID #1461469 \) assigned defect normal 6.1 lib
#3955 Remove Mingw Tools Wiki page assigned defect normal doc
#3976 Released RSB qemu4 source download fails. assigned defect normal 5.1 tool/rsb
#2581 Some bugfix for RTEMS-source-builder assigned defect low 4.9.5 config
#2699 RSB leak to check libz1g-dev and Python-dev new defect low Indefinite tool/rsb
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