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#3429 Add Filesystem Benchmarking tools to RTEMS SOC, testing, small assigned udit agarwal task high
#2927 RTEMS Testing Tool Project SoC, testing, ecosystem, python, large assigned Chris Johns project normal
#3515 covoar failure while running for full testsuites/ coverage, testing new defect normal
#3690 Add support for Eclipse Target Communications Framework (TCF) Eclipse, libdebugger, gdb, SoC, ecosystem, testing, large new enhancement normal
#3710 Improve Coverity Scan Integration SoC,ecosystem, testing, small assigned Gedare Bloom project normal
#3855 BSP Buildset for EPICS SoC,testing,ecosystem, small assigned Gedare Bloom project normal
#4182 Port Rust to RTEMS SoC, testing, ecosystem, Rust, large new enhancement normal
#4593 Add support for Simulator SoC, testing, BSP, simulator, small, large new enhancement normal
#4880 Build List Visualization SoC, medium, ecosystem, BSP, tools, RSB, testing, python accepted Abhimanyu Raghuvanshi project normal
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