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#2518 RTEMS 4.9 cannot be built with modern texinfo (includes a fix) cannot build debian-7 new Chris Johns defect normal
#2519 RSB cannot build RTEMS 4.9 (includes a fix) RSB 4.9 resource builder new Chris Johns defect normal
#2778 Error building RTEMS Source Builder recipe for libxml RTEMS Source Builder, libxml assigned Chris Johns enhancement normal
#3081 gcc 7.1 fails to build in TrueOS (aka FreeBSD 12-CURRENT #66 git ac2f0aa3b) gcc source builder freebsd new joel.sherrill@… defect normal
#3618 Build doxygen for master. buildbot assigned Amar Takhar infra normal
#3619 Docs location for buildbot assigned Amar Takhar defect normal
#2581 Some bugfix for RTEMS-source-builder rtems-source-builder assigned Chris Johns defect low
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