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#4626 Add BSP for Polarfire based Beagle SoC, BSPs, large
#3750 Add Classic API Barrier "get number waiting" Service barrier, SoC, GCI, small, executive
#3429 Add Filesystem Benchmarking tools to RTEMS SOC, testing, small udit agarwal
#4622 Add Python initializer for gdb RTEMS specific support gdb, tools, ecosystem, SoC, small, pretty printers, c++
#4640 Add RSB Support for CivitWeb SoC, network, large, kernel, RSB
#4623 Add RSB for LLVM targeting RTEMS llvm, tools, gcc, llvm, ecosystem, SoC, large
#4628 Add SATA support in libbsd SoC, large, libbsd
#4563 Add long double math methods to newlib SoC, POSIX-Compliance, API, small, large
#3690 Add support for Eclipse Target Communications Framework (TCF) Eclipse, libdebugger, gdb, SoC, ecosystem, testing, large
#4593 Add support for Simulator SoC, testing, BSP, simulator, small, large
#4004 Add support for sigaction SA_RESETHAND POSIX-compliance, SoC, API, small
#3333 Automate Conversion of Newlib Markup to Sphinx SoC, ecosystem, Sphinx, python, large Joel Sherrill
#3855 BSP Buildset for EPICS SoC,testing,ecosystem, small Gedare Bloom
#4272 BSP Executable Conversion SoC, BSP, small Chris Johns
#3784 Beagle BSP: Add a flattened device tree based initialization SoC, BSP, small Christian Mauderer
#2891 Beagleboard BSP projects SoC, BSP, large Ben Gras
#4880 Build List Visualization SoC, medium, ecosystem, BSP, tools, RSB, testing, python Abhimanyu Raghuvanshi
#3302 Build System conversion of BSP Config (.cfg) files to pkg-config (.pc) files SoC, ecosystem, large Chris Johns
#4597 Cobra Static Analyzer and RTEMS SoC, ecosystem, tools, small, large
#4620 Codeql Static Analyzer and RTEMS SoC, ecosystem, tools, small, large
#2901 Emulate i386 (x86) BIOS for VESA Support SoC, BSP, large Pavel Pisa
#2832 Google Go run-time library support needs an update SoC, API, large Needs Funding
#3477 IMFS - Add configurable allocator support soc, api, small
#3476 IMFS - Improve Bytes Per Block Handling SoC, API, small, filesystem
#3737 Improve Accessibility of User Manual SoC docs Chris Johns
#3710 Improve Coverity Scan Integration SoC,ecosystem, testing, small Gedare Bloom
#2900 Improve PC386 BSP SoC, BSP, large, small Joel Sherrill
#2899 Improve the Raspberry Pi BSP SoC, BSP, large, small
#4624 Integrate Software License Bill of Materials (BOM) using SPDX Tooling SoC, ecosystem, small, large
#4770 Intel Specific x86-64 BSP Suport BSP, SoC, large, TSN, TCC
#3854 MIPS Malta BSP Qemu Support SoC, BSP, libbsd, large Joel Sherrill
#4590 Make Stack Checker Error Handler Configurable SoC, small, kernel Joel Sherrill
#2904 Memory Protection SoC, BSP Gedare Bloom
#3850 Modular Network Stacks SoC,kernel,large Vijay Kumar Banerjee
#4328 New APIs Added to POSIX Standard (2021) SoC, POSIX, compliance, API, kernel, small Joel Sherrill
#2966 POSIX Compliance SoC,API,kernel,small,large Joel Sherrill
#4349 Package Micro Python SoC, API, small Chris Johns
#3338 Port CHFS to RTEMS SoC, filesystems, API, large
#4774 Port OpenThread to RTEMS SoC, IoT
#4182 Port Rust to RTEMS SoC, testing, ecosystem, Rust, large
#4891 Port TinyUSB to RTEMS. SoC, large, USB
#4616 Port an OpenGL Implementation to RTEMS SoC, large, graphics, port
#4596 Provide SPARC greth Network Drivers for libbsd SoC, networking, small, large
#4595 Provide SPARC greth Network Drivers for lwip SoC, networking, small, large
#3934 RISC-V libbsd support SoC, large, small, networking Hesham Almatary
#2927 RTEMS Testing Tool Project SoC, testing, ecosystem, python, large Chris Johns
#4837 Remove dependencies on GitHub on-the-fly tarball generation SoC
#4334 Replace Mongoose with Civetweb SoC, networking, libbsd, large
#4162 SiFive RISC-V HiFive Unleashed BSP (Qemu) SoC, BSP, libbsd, large Needs Funding
#4633 Support gnocchi in RTEMS Ecosystem SoC, ecosystem, small
#3712 TLS support for libdl SoC,ecosystem,libdl, large Chris Johns
#4630 Use Address Sanitizer (ASAN) with RTEMS SoC, GCC, tools, small, large, ecosystem
#3739 Write a Tutorial for EPICS/RTEMS SoC docs EPICS Gedare Bloom
#4547 dtc build failure on msys2 - all rtems6 target tools fail to build on Windows 10 SoC, ecosystem, small, msys2
#4213 libbsd: Reduce footprint of minimal buildset SoC, libbsd, small Christian Mauderer
#3222 libbsd: WiFi Support needs rc.conf integration SoC, libbsd, WiFi, WLAN, large Christian Mauderer
#3223 libbsd: wpa_supplicant has to be started dynamically SoC, libbsd, WiFi, WLAN, large Christian Mauderer
#4161 mpc8544ds Qemu BSP (likely variant of mvme3100) SoC, BSP, libbsd, large
#2898 x86_64 BSP SoC, BSP, large Chris Johns
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