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#2278 GCC FORTRAN Test Output Failures new defect normal Indefinite
#3019 Update RSB to use gcc-4.9.4 for rtems 4.11 assigned Chris Johns defect normal Indefinite
#3081 gcc 7.1 fails to build in TrueOS (aka FreeBSD 12-CURRENT #66 git ac2f0aa3b) new joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite
#3259 m68k-rtems4.11-gcc compiler code generation error new defect normal
#3282 or1k GCC 4.9.3 and 5.3.0 do not build on FreeBSD 11 new defect normal Indefinite
#4481 Define and use proper _init and _fini symbols for MicroBlaze assigned Joel Sherrill defect normal 7.1
#4589 Define __ELF__ for MicroBlaze new defect normal 7.1
#4630 Use Address Sanitizer (ASAN) with RTEMS new enhancement normal Indefinite
#4949 dl05 fails on MicroBlaze new defect normal 7.1
#3438 GCC multilibs for ARM don't support FPU synonyms new defect low
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