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#2281 Test objectivs are not checked in smptests/smpcapture01 assigned Needs Funding defect normal Indefinite
#3186 rtems_print_buffer() should follow rtems_printer pattern new defect normal Indefinite
#3199 New test framework accepted Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 6.1
#3251 Test stringto01 fails on targets with an FPU that lacks support for subnormal numbers new defect normal Indefinite
#3252 Add PowerPC support for libdebugger assigned Sebastian Huber enhancement normal Indefinite
#3719 Update libcrypt to latest FreeBSD to address Coverity Scan Issues assigned Sebastian Huber defect normal 6.1
#3946 capture-support: Dead Code (CID #1461469 \) assigned Chris Johns defect normal 6.1
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