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#2609 rtems-bsp incorrectly uses find -depth assigned Needs Funding defect high Indefinite
#2301 cpukit is built in BSP, and BSP custom, specific part of build tree but isnt built using BSP's spec file assigned Needs Funding enhancement normal Indefinite
#3250 Remove Use of bsp_specs new defect normal Indefinite
#3387 Add subdir-objects to automake flags assigned Sebastian Huber defect normal 5.1
#3409 Strip down configure checks to the bare minimum assigned Sebastian Huber task normal 5.1
#3450 Space character in path breaks rtems build on Linux assigned Gedare Bloom defect normal Indefinite
#3470 Install of arm xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu bset on Win 10 fails new defect normal
#3709 rtems-libbsd build failure under Python 2 new defect normal
#3729 Add extra variables to assigned Chris Johns defect normal 5.1
#2000 Re-add removed LINK_OBJS to MP tests new Ralf Corsepius defect low Indefinite
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