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#3824 SMP for Ultrascale + new defect normal Indefinite
#3832 ARM interrupt support does not allow handling of FPU exceptions assigned Sebastian Huber defect normal Indefinite
#4027 arm: The FPSCR and FPEXC registers do not have thread storage duration assigned Sebastian Huber defect normal 7.1
#4348 Zynq input not working on qemu new defect normal Indefinite
#4579 Stack is not properly aligned during interrupt processing assigned Sebastian Huber defect normal 7.1
#4903 TMS570 console driver, SCI frame error (baudrate calculation error) new defect normal Indefinite
#4923 FPU context init/switch not working well on more than 2 tasks on Cortex-Mx/ARMv7-M platform accepted Cedric Berger defect normal 6.1
#4939 Several arm BSPs cannot build libdebugger with -O0 assigned Kinsey Moore defect normal 7.1
#4982 Add support for TMS570LC4357 for the arm/tms570 BSP assigned Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 6.1
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