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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3138 RTEMS server `service2` root disk is full assigned Amar Takhar infra highest Indefinite
#3606 Crontab Let's Encrypt certificates. assigned Amar Takhar infra highest Indefinite
#4575 Registration for the devel mailing list not working new infra highest
#4576 Internal server error while attaching files to tickets. assigned Amar Takhar infra highest
#2197 Fix broken wiki tables assigned Needs Funding infra high Indefinite
#3479 error: building rtems-tools-4.11.2-1 new defect high
#3556 Not all repositories are on located on assigned Amar Takhar infra high Indefinite
#3617 Ticket attachments for foreign languages sometimes don't work. assigned Amar Takhar infra high Indefinite
#4743 rtems-libbsd license? new enhancement high
#2196 Too many ticket components assigned Needs Funding infra normal Indefinite
#3299 src/c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/stm32f4x/hal/STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver/Src/stm32f4xx_hal_fmpi2c.c:2891: bad bitmask ? new defect normal
#3300 src/c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/console/uart_bus_pci.c:323: bad if statement ? new defect normal
#3301 src/c/src/lib/libbsp/sparc/shared/tmtc/grtc.c:1871]: (style) Suspicious condition new defect normal
#3314 RTEMS Release Notes Generator assigned Chris Johns project normal
#3405 src/bsps/sparc/shared/tmtc/grtc.c:1871]: (style) Suspicious condition assigned Daniel Hellstrom defect normal
#3440 Add support in tester to run coverage on supported bsp without --coverage option new enhancement normal
#3441 Add support in covoar to generate separate report for each symbol-set new defect normal
#3442 merge test_run and coverage_run into a single command in coverage script new task normal Indefinite
#3468 covoar : Add Gcov support assigned Vijay Kumar Banerjee project normal
#3570 Resource leak in flashdisk.c (CID 1439298) new defect normal Indefinite
#3578 Setup Elixir for RTEMS. assigned Amar Takhar infra normal
#3618 Build doxygen for master. assigned Needs Funding infra normal Indefinite
#3656 Function prototypes for posix_fadvise() and posix_fallocate() missing in <fcntl.h> header file new defect normal Indefinite
#3663 Add nl_types.h support new enhancement normal Indefinite
#3710 Improve Coverity Scan Integration assigned Gedare Bloom project normal Indefinite
#3730 Adding PRU Support assigned Needs Funding project normal
#3801 Rtems 5 BSP Test Failing new defect normal
#3850 Modular Network Stacks assigned Vijay Kumar Banerjee project normal Indefinite
#3872 Add hook to stop merge commits into the master repository assigned infra normal
#3892 RTEMS Python Standardisation -- Pure Python project. assigned Amar Takhar project normal Indefinite
#3939 sparc64: _CPU_ISR_Disable seems broken accepted Gedare Bloom defect normal 7.1
#3958 Review wiki/TBR/Website/FAQ for correct links new defect normal
#4012 Porting EEMBC Coremaster Pro benchmark to rtems new task normal
#4183 MinGW64 RSB build fails with encoding error new defect normal
#4187 Update QuickStart 2.4 for git install new defect normal
#4188 Quick Start 2.6 Not working for me and some tests failing for sparc-rtems6 new defect normal Indefinite
#4191 MSYS2 build error new defect normal
#4199 MSYS2: Building newlib appears to be stuck new defect normal
#4208 RSB: GMP not configured correctly in MSYS in newlib build step assigned Needs Funding defect normal Indefinite
#4276 Add Account for Jan Sommer assigned Amar Takhar infra normal Indefinite
#4436 Libbsd needs ability to configure network task priority new enhancement normal
#4441 Support building CoreMark benchmark in Make new enhancement normal
#4443 powerpc/motorola_powerpc BSPs build bootloader with -msoft-float new defect normal
#4447 rtems-source-builder undefined reference to `BCryptGenRandom' new defect normal
#4449 CID 1439298: Resource leak in rtl-archive.c assigned Gedare Bloom defect normal 7.1
#4594 about MIPS architecture new defect normal
#4628 Add SATA support in libbsd new enhancement normal Indefinite
#4637 Consistent capitalization of Copyright (C) in file header blocks assigned Gedare Bloom defect normal 6.1
#4657 Apple M1 hardware is not able to compile rtems toolchain while using RSB. new defect normal
#4707 Unable to run coverage with GCC 12 new defect normal 6.1
#4745 Subscribing to the mailing lists is not working new infra normal Indefinite
#4748 Rename 'master' branches to 'main' assigned Gedare Bloom defect normal 7.1
#4770 Intel Specific x86-64 BSP Suport new project normal Indefinite
#4521 Relicense libdl to BSD assigned Chris Johns defect low
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