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#3665 Add low level event recording infrastructure assigned Sebastian Huber normal 5.1 lib
#3671 rtems-test needs a --version option or similar assigned Chris Johns normal 5.1 tool
#3676 Add support for aio.h new normal Indefinite tool/newlib
#3689 bdbuf: Replace automatic read-ahead with rtems_bdbuf_peek() assigned Sebastian Huber normal 5.1 lib/block
#3690 Add support for Eclipse Target Communications Framework (TCF) new normal tool
#3700 Add rtems_rate_monotonic_deadline() assigned Sebastian Huber normal 5.1 rtems
#3713 Reduce memory demands of some timing tests new joel@… normal Indefinite test
#3714 Reduce memory usage of psxconfig01 test assigned Sebastian Huber normal test
#3721 Doxygen param "in/out" attributes not matching function behavior new normal doc
#3744 A new Constant Bandwidth Server (CBS) version with reduced limitations. new normal score
#1882 RTEMS Lua Support new Joel Sherrill low Indefinite score
#2171 new function for declaring a POSIX thread to be floating point or not via attribute new Joel Sherrill low Indefinite score
#2533 Add Syslog testing assigned Needs Funding low Indefinite unspecified
#2678 possible unnecessary includes in console drivers new Joel Sherrill low Indefinite bsps
#3078 Section 5.1. Prefixes is difficult to interpret new chrisj@… low Indefinite doc
#3373 add confstr() method new low Indefinite posix
#3750 Add Classic API Barrier "get number waiting" Service new lowest Indefinite rtems
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