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#2982 LibBSD broken with GCC+RTEMS changes Sebastian Huber defect highest 5 critical
#3127 MIPS tool build on Darwin (MacOS) fails. Chris Johns defect high 5 major
#3171 RSB GCC does not build on High Sierra and APFS Chris Johns defect high 5 critical
#2213 Decreased performance for whetstone benchmark using GCC >=4.5 Daniel Hellstrom defect normal normal
#2289 rtems_ada_self is broken on SMP Needs Funding defect normal normal
#2695 Add libatomic for RTEMS Sebastian Huber defect normal 4.11 normal
#2698 GCC 6.1 is broken for microblaze defect normal 5 normal
#2835 Ada support is broken on SMP configurations Needs Funding defect normal 4.11 normal
#2967 ARM: Change ABI to not use short enums Sebastian Huber enhancement normal normal
#3057 Add a workaround for the LEON3FT store-store errata Daniel Hellstrom defect normal blocker
#3178 Update sh-rtems4.12 bset to use rtems-default (using old gcc) Joel Sherrill <joel@…> defect normal 5 normal
#3242 Workarounds for UT699, UT700, and GR712RC errata Sebastian Huber defect normal normal
#3256 Ada run-time needs support for self-contained POSIX synchronization objects Sebastian Huber defect normal 5 normal
#3384 Prefer int for int32_t Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 5 normal
#3577 Avoid CLooG and ISL host depencencies for target GCC Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 5 normal
#3677 ARM BSP contains ARM code in THUMB only build defect normal 5 normal
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