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#1394 scandir() fails due to MAXNAMELEN is incorrect Chris Johns defect normal 4.10 normal
#2624 Fix the year 2038 problem Needs Funding defect normal 4.5 normal
#2722 SEM_VALUE_MAX is unusually small on RTEMS Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 4.10 normal
#3012 Global C++ IO streams are broken (cout, cin, cerr) Chris Johns defect normal normal
#3023 Parameter of CPU_COPY() are in wrong order Sebastian Huber defect normal 5 blocker
#3032 CPU_NAND_S() implementation is not in line with FreeBSD Sebastian Huber defect normal 4.11 blocker
#3036 CPU_CMP() implementation is not in line with FreeBSD joel.sherrill@… defect normal 5 normal
#3111 Newlib: Change time_t and clock_t integer types to 64-bit Sebastian Huber enhancement normal 5 normal
#3121 clock() implementation in Newlib is broken Sebastian Huber defect normal normal
#3176 __getreent in libc.a and generated by confdefs.h Joel Sherrill defect normal 5 normal
#3189 MUTEX_INITIALIZER missing braces warning Sebastian Huber defect high 5 blocker
#4057 RSB 5/rtems-arm fails to build on Windows defect highest 5 critical
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