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(edit) @bfded728   Jan 4, 2000, 2:16:00 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed warnings.
(edit) @6eb3e68   Dec 23, 1999, 10:12:15 PM Jennifer.Averett + Tests added for mq_open, mq_close, and mq_unlink
(edit) @e9067989   Dec 13, 1999, 2:50:09 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected order of output.
(edit) @4090ebe   Dec 3, 1999, 1:25:00 PM Joel Sherrill Patch rtems-rc-19991123-rc-3.diff from Ralf Corsepius …
(edit) @e492f910   Dec 2, 1999, 5:34:50 PM Joel Sherrill Jennifer added initial test code. Conditional'ed out until she has …
(edit) @a1bcc6e9   Nov 23, 1999, 2:20:41 PM Joel Sherrill Moved pmacros.h to include not support/include.
(edit) @9f4868c   Nov 23, 1999, 1:57:02 PM Joel Sherrill Miscellaneous patches from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…> …
(edit) @fd17002   Nov 23, 1999, 1:45:45 PM Joel Sherrill Added clock06.c to the compile list.
(edit) @a23cad6   Nov 23, 1999, 1:43:34 PM Joel Sherrill Files only used by psxfile01, so moved there.
(edit) @4b9cc0a   Nov 23, 1999, 1:41:18 PM Joel Sherrill Test psxfile02 unused and removed.
(edit) @c94eb25   Nov 23, 1999, 1:39:29 PM Joel Sherrill Patch rtems-rc-19991117-14.diff from Ralf Corsepius …
(edit) @24f6608   Nov 22, 1999, 4:05:09 PM Jennifer.Averett + Corrected error messages. + Added tests for sem_open, sem_close, and …
(edit) @65052685   Nov 22, 1999, 2:28:19 PM Joel Sherrill Added ifndef around build_time macro so tmacros.h and pmacros.h can be …
(edit) @8c5cc6b2   Nov 18, 1999, 7:51:13 PM Jennifer.Averett Added test code for named semaphores and moved to use of …
(edit) @23168f53   Nov 18, 1999, 7:50:45 PM Jennifer.Averett Started to added POSIX message queue test code.
(edit) @08311cc3   Nov 17, 1999, 5:51:34 PM Joel Sherrill Updated copyright notice.
(edit) @0545e15   Nov 16, 1999, 10:57:58 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed screen.
(edit) @22542b6b   Nov 16, 1999, 8:50:36 PM Jennifer.Averett Removed leading space from output.
(edit) @f89df68   Nov 16, 1999, 8:50:07 PM Jennifer.Averett Added comment indicating that dup is known to be broken.
(edit) @a20190a4   Nov 16, 1999, 4:15:05 PM Joel Sherrill Added test cases for uname().
(edit) @fa3346f   Nov 16, 1999, 3:41:58 PM Jennifer.Averett Modified file to match seen output.
(edit) @f9879915   Nov 16, 1999, 3:41:29 PM Jennifer.Averett Modified output file to match seen output. Added comment to all ino …
(edit) @e9b00d7   Nov 16, 1999, 3:40:40 PM Jennifer.Averett Removed compiler warning.
(edit) @a8df60b   Nov 9, 1999, 1:38:00 PM Joel Sherrill New test for POSIX Message Queues added.
(edit) @27eb3ec   Nov 9, 1999, 1:36:26 PM Joel Sherrill New files.
(edit) @458bd34   Nov 5, 1999, 4:44:02 PM Joel Sherrill This is another pass at making sure that nothing outside the BSP …
(edit) @f817b02   Nov 4, 1999, 6:05:09 PM Joel Sherrill The files in libcpu should not be directly dependent on any BSP. In …
(edit) @4c1b914   Nov 2, 1999, 4:39:44 PM Joel Sherrill Minor changes to make the screen match a bit better.
(edit) @78edd44   Nov 2, 1999, 4:38:19 PM Joel Sherrill Minor fixes to make screen match a bit better.
(edit) @3251b55   Nov 2, 1999, 4:29:56 PM Joel Sherrill Added more proper checking of F_GETFL and F_SETFL. Disabled test of …
(edit) @5c104e08   Oct 28, 1999, 3:12:10 PM Joel Sherrill New test added - psxcancel. This is just a shell for now.
(edit) @9060699   Oct 25, 1999, 2:13:14 PM Joel Sherrill Modified to ease comparison of screen to target output.
(edit) @48296038   Oct 25, 1999, 2:11:12 PM Joel Sherrill Modified to reflect test change where reinitialize mutex test case was …
(edit) @524767cb   Oct 25, 1999, 2:10:38 PM Joel Sherrill Removed reinitialize mutex test case to reflect earlier code change in …
(edit) @d013d05   Oct 21, 1999, 4:48:06 PM Joel Sherrill Increased stack size of initialization thread.
(edit) @7d96321   Oct 4, 1999, 7:41:34 PM Joel Sherrill Modifications necessary to support testing of exitting a pthread from …
(edit) @811804fe   Oct 4, 1999, 7:15:14 PM Joel Sherrill Patch from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…> to make fix bug …
(edit) @908436c1   Aug 10, 1999, 3:38:09 PM Joel Sherrill New configuration files added by patch from Ralf Corsepius …
(edit) @10794a7   Jul 1, 1999, 10:08:33 PM Joel Sherrill Modified to reflect change in calling sequence of mount().
(edit) @dbf969e   Jul 1, 1999, 10:08:13 PM Joel Sherrill Test modified to reflect change in calling sequence of mount().
(edit) @5cf555e1   Apr 6, 1999, 10:04:08 PM Joel Sherrill Corrections by Jennifer.
(edit) @3f06c298   Mar 31, 1999, 11:22:42 PM Jennifer.Averett Added prints for calls into the file system. Added O_EXCL for an open …
(edit) @912f74ae   Mar 31, 1999, 11:20:43 PM Jennifer.Averett Modified file to match output.
(edit) @eaf0e8eb   Mar 29, 1999, 6:06:00 PM Jennifer.Averett Correctd name length to account for new IMFS max name length of 32.
(edit) @cda0c07   Mar 16, 1999, 1:41:48 AM Joel Sherrill Commented out test case that no long works since addition of POSIX timers.
(edit) @657be8f5   Feb 3, 1999, 4:20:38 PM Joel Sherrill New files from Juan Zamorano Flores <jzamora@…> …
(edit) @01a2e18   Jan 31, 1999, 8:52:35 PM Joel Sherrill Removed unneeded include of libio_.h.
(edit) @cd155be   Dec 3, 1998, 11:02:24 PM Joel Sherrill Removed spaces.
(edit) @41616f6   Dec 3, 1998, 11:01:22 PM Joel Sherrill Changed to account for ownership only being tracked when a priority …
(edit) @6afa6e3   Dec 3, 1998, 10:45:57 PM Jennifer.Averett Removed all M from the file.
(edit) @0422a7a5   Dec 3, 1998, 10:42:13 PM Jennifer.Averett Removed all M from the scn file.
(edit) @c2f9b97   Dec 3, 1998, 10:41:57 PM Jennifer.Averett Cleaned up test. Updated scn files to match present expected test output.
(edit) @5b8e885d   Dec 3, 1998, 10:41:33 PM Jennifer.Averett Added Comment that a result is valid at 4 or 5 seconds.
(edit) @fae441b   Dec 3, 1998, 10:41:20 PM Jennifer.Averett Updated scn files to match present expected test output.
(edit) @cd3fb80   Nov 23, 1998, 6:58:48 PM Joel Sherrill Added new tests in support of the file system infrastructure.
(edit) @0895bdb   Nov 23, 1998, 6:57:48 PM Joel Sherrill Added tests in support of the file system infrastructure.
(edit) @2a53f31   Jun 9, 1998, 3:23:38 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed comment block at the beginning of the file for a copyright date …
(edit) @6ce14e7   Apr 27, 1998, 1:51:02 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed screen to match actual output.
(edit) @39b3d87   Apr 27, 1998, 1:44:54 PM Joel Sherrill Reset the pthread attributes structure so the proper error would be …
(edit) @60b791ad   Feb 17, 1998, 11:46:28 PM Joel Sherrill updated copyright to 1998
(edit) @98e4ebf   Oct 8, 1997, 3:45:54 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.
(edit) @03f2154e   Apr 22, 1997, 5:20:27 PM Joel Sherrill headers updated to reflect new style copyright notice as part of …
(edit) @1d61610   Apr 18, 1997, 6:39:01 PM Joel Sherrill Modified to reflect change from 255 posix priority levels to 254.
(edit) @f8700f77   Apr 7, 1997, 9:33:28 PM Joel Sherrill corrected printf specifications and added casts as necessary to …
(edit) @51f5d64c   Apr 2, 1997, 4:26:39 PM Joel Sherrill corrected printf format to avoid warning
(edit) @892a536d   Apr 2, 1997, 4:26:28 PM Joel Sherrill initialized variables or removed unused variables to remove warnings
(edit) @1f4f392a   Sep 18, 1996, 10:23:15 PM Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @09093ee   Sep 12, 1996, 8:41:27 PM Mark.Johannes Fixed test to match change to pthread_cond_timedwait which now takes a …
(edit) @2ffcc2ed   Sep 6, 1996, 3:17:39 PM Joel Sherrill modified test to take into account change in default value of …
(edit) @7e230f10   Sep 5, 1996, 8:31:32 PM Joel Sherrill added printf of status when not successful
(edit) @f254b93f   Sep 5, 1996, 8:03:19 PM Joel Sherrill nanosleep no longer consider a negative value of tv_sec to be an …
(edit) @e4cc4176   Aug 23, 1996, 3:58:24 PM Mark.Johannes Changed all EFAULTS to EINVALs
(edit) @3adf786   Aug 23, 1996, 3:56:50 PM Mark.Johannes filled in screen
(edit) @237088c   Aug 23, 1996, 3:56:22 PM Mark.Johannes Filled in screen
(edit) @78f5dae   Aug 23, 1996, 3:55:02 PM Mark.Johannes Filled in the screen
(edit) @e2ceeca7   Aug 23, 1996, 3:50:53 PM Mark.Johannes Added build_time statement to provide a tm for the test
(edit) @257adba   Aug 23, 1996, 3:17:16 PM Mark.Johannes Changed test 5 to test 10 at bottom
(edit) @df70c6b   Aug 22, 1996, 8:18:44 PM Mark.Johannes Commented out the EINVAL for mutex not acquired befor cond_wait call
(edit) @6702bffc   Aug 21, 1996, 3:49:21 PM Mark.Johannes updated to support ENOTSUP
(edit) @256a462   Aug 20, 1996, 9:41:08 PM Mark.Johannes Added Einval case for mutex not initialized
(edit) @7fb19bb   Aug 15, 1996, 7:27:08 PM Mark.Johannes init: added tests for pthread_kill and kill errors.
(edit) @851b18d   Aug 15, 1996, 6:59:34 PM Joel Sherrill changed error code
(edit) @fdf6917   Aug 15, 1996, 6:59:00 PM Joel Sherrill changed error for too many threads to EAGAIN
(edit) @fb7d080   Aug 14, 1996, 8:25:57 PM Joel Sherrill pthread_mutex_init returns EAGAIN not ENOMEM when there are too many …
(edit) @ac81b6ca   Aug 14, 1996, 7:41:47 PM Joel Sherrill added test cases for NULL being passed to pthread attribute get routines
(edit) @ff53a6d4   Aug 14, 1996, 7:30:49 PM Joel Sherrill added test case for pthread_attr_getscope being passed a NULL …
(edit) @87c8fd09   Aug 14, 1996, 5:19:03 PM Mark.Johannes system.h: added task3 and changed condition variable config to 1
(edit) @b0c483ed   Aug 14, 1996, 5:18:02 PM Mark.Johannes task3: added to test error case in Wait_support for lock on mutex
(edit) @520949bf   Aug 14, 1996, 5:16:14 PM Mark.Johannes init: added error case for wait timedwait, and wait support
(edit) @645fc954   Aug 14, 1996, 3:27:14 PM Joel Sherrill pthread_attr_setscope: returns ENOTSUP not ENOSYS for unsupport scope
(edit) @c8a4ed6   Aug 13, 1996, 7:06:45 PM Mark.Johannes task_2: added comments and print statement for task exit
(edit) @1d428a3c   Aug 13, 1996, 7:06:12 PM Mark.Johannes task_1: added comments and print statement for task exit
(edit) @c9c94387   Aug 13, 1996, 7:05:27 PM Mark.Johannes Init.c: added timewait case, added broadcast case
(edit) @9b67f170   Aug 13, 1996, 3:36:28 PM Joel Sherrill corrected problem in which sigtimedwait() was being invoked with the …
(edit) @fc960ab   Aug 13, 1996, 3:35:36 PM Joel Sherrill chenaged format of output
(edit) @0d59c7a   Aug 13, 1996, 2:47:52 PM Joel Sherrill added include of errno.h so the test can check for EINTR.
(edit) @85f5b4ab   Aug 13, 1996, 2:47:31 PM Joel Sherrill nanosleep now returns -1 and EINTR when a signal interrupts EINTR.
(edit) @e9624663   Aug 12, 1996, 9:52:37 PM Mark.Johannes task_1: added to handle cases of waiting tasks on condition variables
(edit) @a7f4c5a   Aug 12, 1996, 9:51:44 PM Mark.Johannes system.h: added protoypes for task and task2, added mutex id, and task ids
(edit) @aad3fe6   Aug 12, 1996, 9:49:54 PM Mark.Johannes Init.c: added cases for signal, wait and broadcast
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