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(edit) @dc2b337   11/16/99 18:28:20 Joel Sherrill Added task variable services.
(edit) @169502e   10/11/99 19:03:05 Joel Sherrill Turned on concept and function name indexing.
(edit) @5ad8673   10/07/99 16:26:13 Joel Sherrill Added rtems_task_is_suspended.
(edit) @ed11cadf   10/01/99 17:44:06 Joel Sherrill Numerous minor changes required to transition to the latest version of …
(edit) @2a6a029f   07/01/99 23:06:29 Joel Sherrill Added error status for bad return pointer argument on …
(edit) @b95914f   10/27/98 21:29:30 Joel Sherrill Spacing.
(edit) @87ed029   04/02/98 16:18:26 Joel Sherrill Added "findex" for all directive pages but it turns out that this …
(edit) @20515fc   03/27/98 18:53:17 Joel Sherrill Nodes, menus, etc are automatically generated now
(edit) @75e22db   03/27/98 16:47:53 Joel Sherrill Completed sweep adding directive and constant prefixes.
(edit) @f331481c   03/27/98 13:24:52 Joel Sherrill Conditionally adding RTEMS_ and rtems_ prefixes.
(edit) @a3a7527   03/27/98 13:04:02 Joel Sherrill Attempting to add variable so that in C all constants start with …
(edit) @1e524995   02/06/98 14:14:30 Joel Sherrill Updated copyrights
(edit) @1ca951ce   08/04/97 20:05:48 Joel Sherrill Added information based on comments from Katsu Shibuya.
(edit) @139b2e4a   06/04/97 18:32:07 Joel Sherrill added CVS Id string
(edit) @7e8a1fc   06/04/97 13:04:36 Joel Sherrill final corrections before 4.1.0 documentation freeze.
(edit) @a94c5a5d   05/31/97 15:55:10 Joel Sherrill Changed bitwise OR's used to build up option and attribute sets to be …
(edit) @61389eac   05/29/97 21:53:58 Joel Sherrill first cut at Ada bindings manual
(add) @ae68ff0   05/27/97 12:40:11 Joel Sherrill Initial revision
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