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(edit) @b1c215e   09/18/96 20:52:16 Joel Sherrill added prototype for malloc_walk
(edit) @94218b8   09/18/96 20:51:48 Joel Sherrill loop to clear workspace memory changed to use sizeof rather than …
(edit) @56e0b88   09/18/96 20:50:58 Joel Sherrill corrected prototype of _Objects_Get_next
(edit) @3861130   09/18/96 20:50:27 Joel Sherrill uses address object rather than direct pointer arithmetic
(edit) @4944b5bf   09/18/96 20:50:04 Joel Sherrill OBJECTS_NAME_ALIGNMENT definition changed to use sizeof rather than …
(edit) @857c52f   09/18/96 20:49:36 Joel Sherrill MP_PACKET_MINIMUN_HETERO_CONVERSION definition changed to use sizeof …
(edit) @533f89f   09/18/96 20:48:56 Joel Sherrill modified declaration of CORE_message_queue_Buffer_control to avoid use …
(edit) @2069773   09/18/96 20:47:39 Joel Sherrill use address object to avoid direct pointer arithmetic
(edit) @d1193c7   09/18/96 20:47:31 Joel Sherrill corrected white space problems added CPU_STRUCTURE_ALIGNMENT to …
(edit) @a4d97d94   09/18/96 20:45:27 Joel Sherrill new files submitted by Craig Lebakken (lebakken@…) and Derrick …
(edit) @5961dbab   09/18/96 20:29:00 Joel Sherrill added AMD 29K port
(edit) @0465d128   09/18/96 14:23:44 Joel Sherrill added mvme147s from Dominique le Campion
(edit) @afe99c2   09/18/96 14:17:54 Joel Sherrill new file submitted by Dominique le Campion.
(edit) @cc51de91   09/17/96 21:38:59 Joel Sherrill extended Task_id and Task_name arrays to avoid indexing past end of array.
(edit) @1d9d044   09/17/96 21:33:07 Joel Sherrill Reversed logic in conditional to correctly distinguish between FIFO …
(edit) @41be2e8   09/17/96 21:31:30 Joel Sherrill added routine _POSIX_Timespec_subtract
(edit) @aa48536   09/17/96 21:31:10 Joel Sherrill Added code to insure that the post switch extension was executed and …
(edit) @9093c3c   09/17/96 21:29:51 Joel Sherrill Corrected implementation of timed wait on condition variables. First …
(edit) @ded66f8   09/17/96 21:26:25 Joel Sherrill added prototype for _POSIX_Timespec_subtract
(edit) @09093ee   09/12/96 20:41:27 Mark.Johannes Fixed test to match change to pthread_cond_timedwait which now takes a …
(edit) @cda277f   09/11/96 19:16:07 Joel Sherrill added $Id$ to file headers cpu.h: added prototype for _CPU_ISR_Get_level()
(edit) @0971cd5   09/11/96 19:15:09 Joel Sherrill added $ string to file header
(edit) @5bb00a8   09/11/96 19:13:44 Joel Sherrill added $Id$ string to file header
(edit) @9c0d032   09/11/96 19:12:43 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @b944007b   09/08/96 16:24:43 Joel Sherrill added definition of EXT_INT5
(edit) @3d07c8b   09/08/96 16:24:13 Joel Sherrill added mips64orion entries for SHM_LOCK_VALUE and SHM_UNLOCK_VALUE
(edit) @bdef2d8   09/08/96 16:23:35 Joel Sherrill idtmem.S: changed reference to include files to correct location …
(edit) @eaa34e7   09/08/96 16:22:29 Joel Sherrill changed reference to include files to correct location
(edit) @3335420   09/08/96 16:22:05 Joel Sherrill moved PTHREAD_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE from pthread.c to pthread.h so it …
(edit) @e7a36a9   09/08/96 16:21:48 Joel Sherrill Ada task stack size minimize is twice that for regular pthreads.
(edit) @ed5a518   09/08/96 16:21:16 Joel Sherrill moved PTHREAD_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE from pthread.c to here so it would be …
(edit) @d1d3796c   09/06/96 19:57:39 Joel Sherrill changed to reflect status of R4600 work.
(edit) @8445e57   09/06/96 19:57:21 Joel Sherrill removed need for exceptbdr.h file
(edit) @f198c63   09/06/96 18:11:41 Joel Sherrill new file for MIPS port by Craig Lebakken (lebakken@…) and …
(edit) @f29032c   09/06/96 18:09:25 Joel Sherrill added MIPS port by Craig Lebakken (lebakken@…) and Derrick …
(edit) @2ffcc2ed   09/06/96 15:17:39 Joel Sherrill modified test to take into account change in default value of …
(edit) @7fea679b   09/06/96 15:16:19 Joel Sherrill changed _TOD_Is_set from a function to a boolean variable
(edit) @65c421f   09/05/96 20:45:05 Joel Sherrill default thread attributes: default value for inheritsched changed from …
(edit) @297be5c   09/05/96 20:41:10 Joel Sherrill pthread_mutex_setprioceiling: fixed bug where returned priority was …
(edit) @7e230f10   09/05/96 20:31:32 Joel Sherrill added printf of status when not successful
(edit) @9a5cbef0   09/05/96 20:29:07 Joel Sherrill nanosleep: negative value for tv_sec is no longer an error. It now is …
(edit) @f254b93f   09/05/96 20:03:19 Joel Sherrill nanosleep no longer consider a negative value of tv_sec to be an …
(edit) @62bf651f   08/29/96 16:39:01 Joel Sherrill new file to support GNU Ada. currently the only routine in this file …
(edit) @b5c04b6   08/27/96 15:19:51 Joel Sherrill fixed typo .. changed == to !=
(edit) @5a234809   08/27/96 15:19:33 Joel Sherrill check that we were passed a valid mutex and ignore errors from the …
(edit) @e4cc4176   08/23/96 15:58:24 Mark.Johannes Changed all EFAULTS to EINVALs
(edit) @3adf786   08/23/96 15:56:50 Mark.Johannes filled in screen
(edit) @237088c   08/23/96 15:56:22 Mark.Johannes Filled in screen
(edit) @78f5dae   08/23/96 15:55:02 Mark.Johannes Filled in the screen
(edit) @e2ceeca7   08/23/96 15:50:53 Mark.Johannes Added build_time statement to provide a tm for the test
(edit) @257adba   08/23/96 15:17:16 Mark.Johannes Changed test 5 to test 10 at bottom
(edit) @0b710dbb   08/23/96 14:47:58 Mark.Johannes pthread_create: changed EINVAL for no more threads back to EAGAIN
(edit) @df70c6b   08/22/96 20:18:44 Mark.Johannes Commented out the EINVAL for mutex not acquired befor cond_wait call
(edit) @6702bffc   08/21/96 15:49:21 Mark.Johannes updated to support ENOTSUP
(edit) @256a462   08/20/96 21:41:08 Mark.Johannes Added Einval case for mutex not initialized
(edit) @c5c5f8c   08/19/96 15:30:25 Mark.Johannes Changed all EFAULTs to EINVALs
(edit) @02f041e   08/19/96 15:27:37 Mark.Johannes pthread_mutex_init: added error messages for NULL mutex and EBUSY
(edit) @cd3868cd   08/15/96 21:09:02 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett (tbennett@…)
(edit) @0600e86f   08/15/96 21:05:21 Joel Sherrill _Thread_Start_multitasking: added code to initialize the floating …
(edit) @9ac3e76   08/15/96 19:38:46 Mark.Johannes changed ENOMEM error message
(edit) @7fb19bb   08/15/96 19:27:08 Mark.Johannes init: added tests for pthread_kill and kill errors.
(edit) @851b18d   08/15/96 18:59:34 Joel Sherrill changed error code
(edit) @fdf6917   08/15/96 18:59:00 Joel Sherrill changed error for too many threads to EAGAIN
(edit) @f3e19146   08/15/96 18:58:09 Joel Sherrill clock_gettime: changed assert condition to a standard error code …
(edit) @b03ab630   08/15/96 18:57:07 Joel Sherrill sched_rr_get_interval: converted assert condition into a standard …
(edit) @57dae56   08/15/96 18:56:09 Joel Sherrill added constant to indicate there is no mutex associated with this …
(edit) @de45ddc   08/15/96 16:29:00 Mark.Johannes pthread_kill: fixed the move of SIG_IGN not SA_SIGINFO
(edit) @948721c   08/15/96 16:24:44 Mark.Johannes pthread_kill: moved check for SA_SIGINFO to allow for validation of …
(edit) @48e685c   08/15/96 16:22:59 Mark.Johannes fixed typo for NOTSUP -> ENOTSUP
(edit) @fb7d080   08/14/96 20:25:57 Joel Sherrill pthread_mutex_init returns EAGAIN not ENOMEM when there are too many …
(edit) @ac81b6ca   08/14/96 19:41:47 Joel Sherrill added test cases for NULL being passed to pthread attribute get routines
(edit) @ff53a6d4   08/14/96 19:30:49 Joel Sherrill added test case for pthread_attr_getscope being passed a NULL …
(edit) @4e63ae5   08/14/96 17:20:45 Mark.Johannes commented of ENOTSUP until fixed in newlib
(edit) @aae1c932   08/14/96 17:20:03 Mark.Johannes pthread_cond_timedwait: added error cases for abstime
(edit) @87c8fd09   08/14/96 17:19:03 Mark.Johannes system.h: added task3 and changed condition variable config to 1
(edit) @b0c483ed   08/14/96 17:18:02 Mark.Johannes task3: added to test error case in Wait_support for lock on mutex
(edit) @520949bf   08/14/96 17:16:14 Mark.Johannes init: added error case for wait timedwait, and wait support
(edit) @645fc954   08/14/96 15:27:14 Joel Sherrill pthread_attr_setscope: returns ENOTSUP not ENOSYS for unsupport scope
(edit) @dce801d   08/13/96 21:32:49 Mark.Johannes pthread_cond_destroy: added enable dispatch to EBUSY case
(edit) @95b76bc   08/13/96 21:10:06 Mark.Johannes pthread_codn_destroy: EBUSY case moved and uses Thread_queue_First
(edit) @456b3769   08/13/96 20:50:54 Mark.Johannes pthread_cond_destroy: EBUSY case now uses Thread_queue_First
(edit) @c53eb2c3   08/13/96 20:46:10 Mark.Johannes removed count from Thread_queue_Control
(edit) @a66fcc5   08/13/96 20:43:51 Mark.Johannes removed Thread_queue_Get_number_waiting
(edit) @392b35e   08/13/96 20:38:30 Joel Sherrill deleted a line for spacing correction
(edit) @48b40d8   08/13/96 19:53:51 Mark.Johannes _POSIX_Condition_variables_Wait_support: changed status of lock and …
(edit) @c8a4ed6   08/13/96 19:06:45 Mark.Johannes task_2: added comments and print statement for task exit
(edit) @1d428a3c   08/13/96 19:06:12 Mark.Johannes task_1: added comments and print statement for task exit
(edit) @c9c94387   08/13/96 19:05:27 Mark.Johannes Init.c: added timewait case, added broadcast case
(edit) @76f03c6   08/13/96 19:03:29 Mark.Johannes _POSIX_Condition_variables_Wait_support: fixed the timeout sequence.
(edit) @b2e8026   08/13/96 15:43:12 Joel Sherrill fixed spacing
(edit) @9b67f170   08/13/96 15:36:28 Joel Sherrill corrected problem in which sigtimedwait() was being invoked with the …
(edit) @fc960ab   08/13/96 15:35:36 Joel Sherrill chenaged format of output
(edit) @0d59c7a   08/13/96 14:47:52 Joel Sherrill added include of errno.h so the test can check for EINTR.
(edit) @85f5b4ab   08/13/96 14:47:31 Joel Sherrill nanosleep now returns -1 and EINTR when a signal interrupts EINTR.
(edit) @f48c9068   08/13/96 14:24:00 Joel Sherrill removed errors for TOD not set yet. made nanosleep return -1/EINTR …
(edit) @aac34f7b   08/13/96 14:23:16 Joel Sherrill added page break before sysconf()
(edit) @e9624663   08/12/96 21:52:37 Mark.Johannes task_1: added to handle cases of waiting tasks on condition variables
(edit) @a7f4c5a   08/12/96 21:51:44 Mark.Johannes system.h: added protoypes for task and task2, added mutex id, and task ids
(edit) @aad3fe6   08/12/96 21:49:54 Mark.Johannes Init.c: added cases for signal, wait and broadcast
(edit) @08515de   08/12/96 21:49:14 Mark.Johannes Task2: new task for broadcast case
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