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(edit) @a75c783   10/21/97 17:03:18 Joel Sherrill Converted from using a message queue for the raw input queue to using …
(edit) @55e1322   10/21/97 17:03:17 Joel Sherrill Added termios submission from Eric Norum and Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @ae35953d   10/21/97 16:18:03 Joel Sherrill Added termios submission from Eric Norum and Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @4fd61795   10/21/97 16:17:12 Joel Sherrill Added casts and fixed line break.
(edit) @f33a3f2a   10/16/97 21:06:47 Joel Sherrill Control and Data addresses were swapped for port A.
(edit) @d17d4d2f   10/15/97 21:27:00 Joel Sherrill Moved selection of console port to custom file.
(edit) @84ff8b7b   10/13/97 17:38:18 Joel Sherrill New version of this file from Eric Norum.
(edit) @d9fe8e2   10/09/97 20:21:43 Joel Sherrill Fixed some spacing.
(edit) @f00108f   10/09/97 18:35:02 Joel Sherrill Fixed incorrect reference to RTEMS_BSP instead of RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY.
(edit) @a86443fb   10/09/97 18:33:46 Joel Sherrill Added search of libcpu and fpsp.
(edit) @b546242   10/08/97 19:52:47 Joel Sherrill Modified to search RTEMS library before Newlib C library.
(edit) @58e3dc79   10/08/97 18:25:30 Joel Sherrill Fix from Eric Norum so FPSP is installed before any FP code is …
(edit) @89f5f5a1   10/08/97 18:23:58 Joel Sherrill Fix from Eric Norum to assemble under COFF.
(edit) @7de0960   10/08/97 18:19:43 Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum: Change label names so they can be …
(edit) @98e4ebf5   10/08/97 15:45:54 Joel Sherrill Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.
(edit) @a2016b99   10/08/97 14:42:08 Joel Sherrill Removed include directory at "build" point and the link of this …
(edit) @0c618b67   10/07/97 20:47:49 Joel Sherrill Redid the installation of the "make" directory at the install point. …
(edit) @3a321e23   10/06/97 21:32:47 Joel Sherrill Fixed some weird line duplications. Thanks to Chris Johns.
(edit) @ffa6183   10/06/97 21:30:16 Joel Sherrill Increased interrupt stack space.
(edit) @b6770d1   10/06/97 21:29:29 Joel Sherrill Fixed comment.
(edit) @7e4938c   10/06/97 21:28:40 Joel Sherrill Make Post an atomic operation.
(edit) @d14418b   10/06/97 21:28:18 Joel Sherrill Added _Thread_Enable_dispatch to already_timedout path on Wait_support.
(edit) @7d5566e   10/06/97 21:26:11 Joel Sherrill Fixed bug where include not actually created.
(edit) @e8ee2f32   10/05/97 16:26:04 Joel Sherrill If the specified time period is less than a clock tick, then it is …
(edit) @8959fcc   09/30/97 14:49:56 Joel Sherrill fixed typo
(edit) @63cebf6   09/30/97 14:44:28 Joel Sherrill Fixed typos.
(edit) @f795ca90   09/21/97 17:44:50 Joel Sherrill Uncommented gettimeofday_r to resolve missing symbol.
(edit) @5beb562   09/21/97 16:58:57 Joel Sherrill Cleaned up as part of adding the Monitor test.
(edit) @f37e656d   09/21/97 16:57:46 Joel Sherrill Added Monitor test.
(edit) @8f367d6b   09/19/97 18:31:05 Joel Sherrill Bug fix from Eric Norum: After weeks of trying to figure why my …
(edit) @6b4ca31   09/18/97 16:01:52 Joel Sherrill Merged changes from Eric Norum: Enable 68360 watchdog. The …
(edit) @a72e3dd   09/16/97 13:08:58 Joel Sherrill updated
(edit) @fc4675f0   09/15/97 19:01:33 Joel Sherrill syslog added
(edit) @8f35817   09/15/97 18:52:26 Joel Sherrill eliminated potential for overfilling buffer on read
(edit) @8d05346   09/03/97 22:05:51 Joel Sherrill Fix from Eric Norum. Here is the comment: Enable SDMA …
(edit) @ad9250cf   08/28/97 22:23:10 Joel Sherrill Fixed IO Manager calls to remove an argument which was used in 3.2.1 …
(edit) @e9932367   08/28/97 21:54:59 Joel Sherrill Switched to new style which does not require hackspecs.awk.
(edit) @de5e24f   08/28/97 21:52:27 Joel Sherrill Removed hackspecs.awk in move from -mrtems to -qrtems.
(edit) @7d352a49   08/28/97 13:59:41 Joel Sherrill Added RTEMS_IO_ERROR status code.
(edit) @b47be20   08/28/97 13:57:29 Joel Sherrill Added IO_Error status code and fixed No_Memory error number.
(edit) @d1b60f0   08/27/97 20:34:23 Joel Sherrill Corrected reference to LIBC_LIBM to work on all targets.
(edit) @3473f605   08/27/97 20:33:49 Joel Sherrill Added error numbers and changed default error code from 0 to -1 for …
(edit) @f80faeb   08/27/97 20:33:11 Joel Sherrill Modified to support the BSP family concept.
(edit) @49c2f589   08/27/97 20:31:34 Joel Sherrill Modified to have correct address for vector table on multiple models.
(edit) @2a1a547   08/27/97 20:29:26 Joel Sherrill Added rule so TARGET_VARIANTS are dependent on the environment stuff.
(edit) @2d60095   08/26/97 19:24:22 Joel Sherrill Patches from Chris Johns to clean up test.
(edit) @588a2382   08/26/97 19:19:21 Joel Sherrill removed -lm
(edit) @12a17af3   08/26/97 18:10:59 Joel Sherrill Corrected to compile with egcs.
(edit) @e63e254e   08/22/97 19:19:07 Joel Sherrill Corrected bug per Katsutoshi Shibuya's report: The definition of …
(edit) @b57992a   08/22/97 19:17:54 Joel Sherrill Removed assert condition when not initialized or there are 0 periods.
(edit) @b1459dc   08/22/97 19:17:09 Joel Sherrill Moved reentrant wrappers into their own file.
(edit) @78d87bd   08/22/97 19:16:47 Joel Sherrill Fixed iop/memory leak bug reported by Dan Dickey.
(edit) @8affd6f1   08/22/97 19:16:22 Joel Sherrill Removed redundant stanza.
(edit) @9b1f5678   08/22/97 19:11:02 Joel Sherrill Fixed infinite recursion bug in PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER.
(edit) @799a5b9   08/22/97 19:10:44 Joel Sherrill Added commit about missing support for condition initializer.
(edit) @2d997375   08/22/97 13:08:56 Joel Sherrill start no longer a global symbol per Eric Norum's request. Also, I …
(edit) @d074e12   08/04/97 22:22:59 Joel Sherrill Switched to new version of mc68681.h
(edit) @19fd334   08/04/97 22:22:31 Joel Sherrill moved mc68230.h from main include directory to motorola
(edit) @0789abef   08/04/97 22:17:17 Joel Sherrill new implementation of mc68681.h
(edit) @89a32784   08/04/97 22:12:39 Joel Sherrill Fixed type
(edit) @3dd8372   08/04/97 22:03:03 Joel Sherrill Corrected typo
(edit) @a397c9c1   08/04/97 21:59:14 Joel Sherrill Corrected descent to a hardcoded directory and made it dependent on …
(edit) @8bc9051   08/04/97 21:58:30 Joel Sherrill Fixed typo and removed duplicated code
(edit) @4ef9e99   08/04/97 21:58:00 Joel Sherrill First attempt at values for PPC
(edit) @50b5f9d   08/04/97 21:57:06 Joel Sherrill Trying to support all models
(edit) @c74169bd   08/04/97 21:56:48 Joel Sherrill Trying to support all models.
(edit) @c9647b3   08/04/97 21:56:00 Joel Sherrill consolex built for all models.
(edit) @81d96577   08/04/97 21:55:30 Joel Sherrill moved header files into the motorola and zilog subdirectories
(edit) @669123e1   08/04/97 21:53:42 Joel Sherrill Correcting difference between mvme162lx and mvme162. All versions …
(edit) @02d0880   08/04/97 21:50:35 Joel Sherrill moved header files into the motorola and zilog subdirectories
(edit) @033ec54   08/04/97 21:49:47 Joel Sherrill Modified to reflect changes in mc68681.h header file.
(edit) @b739617   08/04/97 21:45:27 Joel Sherrill Header files moved into zilog subdirectory.
(edit) @9b024884   08/04/97 21:44:05 Joel Sherrill Moved files into the zilog and motorola subdirectories.
(edit) @b61e6e1   08/04/97 21:43:36 Joel Sherrill Added GNAT configuration parameters.
(edit) @7510f18c   08/04/97 21:42:22 Joel Sherrill Added include/motorola and include/zilog directories to the install …
(edit) @28a4b1d   08/04/97 21:39:07 Joel Sherrill moved from main include directory
(edit) @b2fed481   08/02/97 17:55:09 Joel Sherrill Added these files to contain bodies for routines included in the API …
(edit) @30e3029   08/01/97 20:58:10 Joel Sherrill Added conditional for KA9Q.
(edit) @1f581ec   08/01/97 20:57:21 Joel Sherrill Added include of termios.h which was accidentally left out.
(edit) @bcbd75d4   08/01/97 20:56:36 Joel Sherrill Added consolex to wrapup
(edit) @a7fcfd0   08/01/97 20:56:24 Joel Sherrill Corrected typo.
(edit) @adf7b5c4   08/01/97 20:15:02 Joel Sherrill Made to work.
(edit) @29a9e5d   08/01/97 20:14:57 Joel Sherrill Removed warnings.
(edit) @9deb5b8b   08/01/97 18:12:11 Joel Sherrill Katsutoshi Shibuya (shibuya@…)of BU-Denken Co., Ltd. …
(edit) @0074691a   07/31/97 22:13:29 Joel Sherrill Merged very large and much appreciated patch from Chris Johns …
(edit) @91333c2   07/31/97 22:04:17 Joel Sherrill Merged very large and much appreciated patch from Chris Johns …
(edit) @13f09e6   07/31/97 19:48:23 Joel Sherrill Added support for rtems_message_queue_get_number_pending.
(edit) @e7d8b58   07/31/97 19:01:42 Joel Sherrill Added rtems_message_queue_get_number_pending directive.
(edit) @a2fa8c25   07/31/97 19:01:05 Joel Sherrill Added comment to indicate what the commented out C_PIECES indicated.
(edit) @e24e9b5   07/18/97 15:05:05 Joel Sherrill fixed typo
(edit) @bb566a02   07/10/97 20:24:00 Joel Sherrill Reordered specs.
(edit) @0b172df9   07/10/97 20:23:27 Joel Sherrill fixed milliseconds and microseconds to tick conversion routines.
(edit) @bf3a7a5a   07/10/97 19:16:40 Joel Sherrill Added information on different MVME162 models.
(edit) @487c4f62   07/10/97 19:09:16 Joel Sherrill Strip the trace bit from the SR register when dispatching a thread …
(edit) @900a3ab1   07/09/97 23:57:56 Joel Sherrill Repository damaged -- file re-added
(edit) @eb14a2ff   07/09/97 23:55:39 Joel Sherrill Repository damaged -- files readded.
(edit) @a14d2af   07/09/97 23:52:08 Joel Sherrill Changed name from entry to thread_entry to be more compatible with Ada …
(edit) @db17316   07/09/97 23:51:21 Joel Sherrill Used macro instead of hard coded number.
(edit) @2a02b0a   07/09/97 23:50:45 Joel Sherrill Added postswitch extension.
(edit) @b5fc21c   07/09/97 23:50:28 Joel Sherrill Added post switch extension.
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