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(edit) @269707e6   05/02/98 12:10:18 Joel Sherrill removed warning for `#ifdef' argument starts with a digit
(edit) @17f57736   05/02/98 12:09:11 Joel Sherrill removed warning for implicit declaration of boot_card()
(edit) @d74daf9   04/30/98 16:48:40 Joel Sherrill Fixed case where wrong variable was used.
(edit) @990f857   04/30/98 14:14:12 Joel Sherrill botched file -- removed from repository and readded
(edit) @2e34f4ad   04/30/98 11:43:19 Joel Sherrill Removed tripling of workspace API when POSIX API is enabled. …
(edit) @ba05e31   04/30/98 11:41:57 Joel Sherrill Added wildcard to switch for monitor and termios.
(edit) @b7be9c30   04/30/98 11:41:09 Joel Sherrill Removed redundant "* 1024" which exploded the size of the workspace.
(edit) @a524c00   04/30/98 11:40:28 Joel Sherrill Added sections and redirected some to RAM to avoid warnings.
(edit) @1ca488b   04/30/98 11:40:07 Joel Sherrill Added sections to remove warnings
(edit) @c719991   04/30/98 10:46:52 Joel Sherrill moved tools to bsp directory
(edit) @2993cd3f   04/29/98 18:41:53 Joel Sherrill Added support for debug variants on tests.
(edit) @96d56b3   04/27/98 18:42:04 Joel Sherrill Update from Pedro Romano <pmcnr@…>.
(edit) @0c508af   04/27/98 18:18:13 Joel Sherrill Added I386_HAS_BSWAP cpu model feature flag so swap u32 could take …
(edit) @b0aba4c4   04/27/98 16:10:16 Joel Sherrill Added swap of unsigned16
(edit) @eac9871   04/27/98 15:30:59 Joel Sherrill Fixed spelling errors.
(edit) @0153d180   04/27/98 15:28:43 Joel Sherrill Fixed trace bit manipulation per requests from Eric Norum and Chris …
(edit) @baa876a4   04/27/98 15:14:30 Joel Sherrill Cosmetic fix from Eric Norum: This makes the headings line up …
(edit) @edbb81d0   04/27/98 14:39:51 Joel Sherrill Removed redundant implementation of tcgetattr and tcsetattr.
(edit) @21c1513   04/27/98 14:20:25 Joel Sherrill Fixed bad CVS Id string. Removed unnecessary definition of "ED".
(edit) @36848ce   04/27/98 14:19:54 Joel Sherrill Clean up patch from Ralf Corsepius.
(edit) @cf59d56b   04/27/98 14:19:25 Joel Sherrill Fix from Ralf Corsepius: use a wildcard rule instead of explicit …
(edit) @008faafd   04/27/98 14:18:38 Joel Sherrill Added shared directory.
(edit) @7e2cc64   04/27/98 14:18:11 Joel Sherrill Removed extra (bad) CVS Id string.
(edit) @0a3a3ae6   04/27/98 14:17:52 Joel Sherrill Fixed CVS Id string and removed bogus comment.
(edit) @6b52fe5   04/27/98 14:17:16 Joel Sherrill Fix from Ralf Corsepius: + adding #include <rtems/libio.h> to fix …
(edit) @72aa8cf   04/27/98 14:16:29 Joel Sherrill Fixed CVS Id
(edit) @9a993ed5   04/27/98 13:51:23 Joel Sherrill Added CONFIGURE_EXTRA_TASK_STACKS definition to make memory …
(edit) @6ce14e7   04/27/98 13:51:02 Joel Sherrill Fixed screen to match actual output.
(edit) @308aed9b   04/27/98 13:49:42 Joel Sherrill Added numerous entries to make the memory calculation more accurate: …
(edit) @20fff72   04/27/98 13:46:45 Joel Sherrill Moved POSIX_signals_Siginfo_node structure definition to …
(edit) @9f0dfea   04/27/98 13:46:18 Joel Sherrill Changed POSIX_SIGNALS_h to RTEMS_POSIX_SIGNALS_h to avoid conflict …
(edit) @39b3d87   04/27/98 13:44:54 Joel Sherrill Reset the pthread attributes structure so the proper error would be …
(edit) @0903597f   04/18/98 17:26:41 Joel Sherrill psim now runs in both debug and non-debug mode.
(edit) @4955afc   04/18/98 17:25:35 Joel Sherrill rtems_libio_number_iops is now defined in confdefs.h so the maximum …
(edit) @43908825   04/18/98 17:24:56 Joel Sherrill Changed to account for libio's maximum_semaphores as well as its …
(edit) @b25d3d03   04/18/98 17:24:04 Joel Sherrill Changed version number so script will work.
(edit) @edffc054   04/15/98 22:16:43 Joel Sherrill Fixed so this would compile without warning.
(edit) @8a1636d   04/15/98 22:16:22 Joel Sherrill Added bh, ch, dh, bl, cl, and dl register macros.
(edit) @6bd6c82   04/15/98 22:15:38 Joel Sherrill Updated.
(edit) @70ad028   04/15/98 22:09:28 Joel Sherrill update from Eric Norum
(edit) @c0daf807   04/15/98 22:09:17 Joel Sherrill New file created by extracting common initialization from every BSP's …
(edit) @bd9c3d1   04/15/98 20:50:31 Joel Sherrill Numerous changes which in total greatly reduced the amount of source …
(edit) @b6394ae   04/15/98 15:13:01 Joel Sherrill Transitioned to shared bsp_libc_init() and cleaned up comments.
(edit) @d07d3eec   04/15/98 15:09:38 Joel Sherrill Initial sets of user extensions now have memory allocated on the fly …
(edit) @71f4beb   04/15/98 15:08:49 Joel Sherrill Stack check now initialized as part of initial extension set.
(edit) @9b64c2d5   04/15/98 00:10:03 Joel Sherrill Per suggestion from Eric Norum, went from one initial extension set to …
(edit) @0451b44   04/15/98 00:02:10 Joel Sherrill Per suggestion from Eric Norum, went from one initial extension set to …
(edit) @7780978   04/14/98 23:00:33 Joel Sherrill changed version to ralf-980414
(edit) @01a4990   04/14/98 22:56:31 Joel Sherrill Account for interrupt stack space
(edit) @4381e50   04/14/98 22:44:49 Joel Sherrill Ralf Corsepius suggested a way to get rid of UNIX compiler files and …
(edit) @c244a9ee   04/14/98 21:32:12 Joel Sherrill Stack checker extension now accounted for in confdefs.h
(edit) @ab97da95   04/14/98 21:30:10 Joel Sherrill Added stack checker extension
(edit) @3b89891   04/14/98 20:54:26 Joel Sherrill Now accounts for region used by RTEMS malloc and extension used by newlib.
(edit) @7a75c323   04/14/98 20:52:31 Joel Sherrill Removed recursive call to exit
(edit) @9c329a5c   04/14/98 20:52:15 Joel Sherrill Moved bspclean from assembly to C and made exit act properly.
(edit) @c8bc6e45   04/14/98 20:29:35 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @e6e5e47   04/14/98 19:56:25 Joel Sherrill Removed delay macro
(edit) @993e1b5   04/14/98 19:54:24 Joel Sherrill Refreshing effort from Avenger.
(edit) @a34ab1b2   04/14/98 19:54:04 Joel Sherrill removed shmsupp
(edit) @22764c0c   04/14/98 19:53:16 Joel Sherrill Corrected comment
(edit) @8961188   04/14/98 19:49:13 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @7ff01ac   04/06/98 21:41:50 Joel Sherrill Increased stack space of the monitor task.
(edit) @45111d77   04/06/98 20:29:58 Joel Sherrill Increased stack size so test would run in debug mode.
(edit) @c796ea9   04/06/98 15:57:58 Joel Sherrill More stuff removed as a result of using newlib's isatty() …
(edit) @275868b6   04/06/98 15:41:36 Joel Sherrill Added stanzas for debug_tests and profile_tests.
(edit) @5fafa0e   04/03/98 18:46:16 Joel Sherrill Added test so the build procedure would stop if a directory did not …
(edit) @b82c957   04/03/98 18:45:42 Joel Sherrill Removed isatty() since we are now using newlib's implementation as a …
(edit) @a456074d   04/03/98 18:44:44 Joel Sherrill Made these have real constants.
(edit) @9a355cb   03/31/98 16:59:07 Joel Sherrill changed version to 4.0.0-beta2
(edit) @5e34bf4   03/31/98 14:19:27 Joel Sherrill Added "sigemptyset()" call to insure that the memcmp() would work. It …
(edit) @c895f42a   03/30/98 14:03:04 Joel Sherrill Were looking at the wrong C++ variable.
(edit) @8f95b5f   03/30/98 14:01:19 Joel Sherrill Moved bsp_postdriver_hook() to a shared file and made it a common …
(edit) @6937fd82   03/30/98 13:59:07 Joel Sherrill Renamed crt0.o to crt0_go32.o to avoid build problems.
(edit) @33442772   03/30/98 13:42:13 Joel Sherrill Update from "erik.ivanenko" <erik.ivanenko@…>. Also removed …
(edit) @ece79bb1   03/27/98 21:08:59 Joel Sherrill GO32 does not have sockets.
(edit) @a30359bb   03/27/98 19:42:58 Joel Sherrill Changed int to unsigned32 to match cpu.h.
(edit) @3973e40   03/27/98 16:34:25 Joel Sherrill Should have included <rtems.h> before checking for ifdef RTEMS_UNIX. …
(edit) @3cc03ac   03/26/98 12:39:49 Joel Sherrill HAS_CPLUSPLUS should have been RTEMS_HAS_CPLUSPLUS.
(edit) @5e0fbcc   03/25/98 19:02:37 Joel Sherrill Moved memcpy to newlib/libc/machine/m68k
(edit) @c80add4   03/25/98 18:46:47 Joel Sherrill m68k software interrupt stack support from Chris Johns and Eric Norum.
(edit) @c4e09029   03/25/98 14:14:46 Joel Sherrill Corrected argument passing.
(edit) @85047f02   03/25/98 14:00:41 Joel Sherrill Corrected definition of main and boot_card to be more ANSI compliant.
(edit) @0f26250   03/25/98 13:59:55 Joel Sherrill Corrected invocation of boot_card().
(edit) @ddf142d   03/24/98 20:53:48 Joel Sherrill Added _XOPEN_SOURCE definition to allow use of UNIX IPC.
(edit) @abbd5b1   03/24/98 19:14:47 Joel Sherrill changed version to 4.0.0-beta1
(edit) @bdac86b5   03/24/98 17:13:03 Joel Sherrill Real definition for the beginning of the data section per Eric Norum's …
(edit) @72b397a   03/24/98 17:10:44 Joel Sherrill Corrected register constraints per suggestion from Thomas Doerfler, …
(edit) @d662fef8   03/24/98 16:33:32 Joel Sherrill More cpu model flags converted to using cpp predefines.
(edit) @3ec7bfc   03/24/98 16:24:39 Joel Sherrill Rename hppa1_1 to hppa1.1 and switched to using XXX macros for the …
(edit) @222788b   03/24/98 14:33:28 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @42dc81e   03/23/98 23:08:10 Joel Sherrill Renamed hppa1_1 to hppa1.1
(edit) @e4829a05   03/23/98 22:54:55 Joel Sherrill renamed ppc to powerpc
(edit) @5839b0c1   03/23/98 19:51:40 Joel Sherrill Converted to conditionally uses strerr code to better work with glibc2.
(edit) @98bcbda3   03/23/98 18:35:41 Joel Sherrill Patches from Eric Norum: Here are some patches to the gen68360 …
(edit) @4e01c9c   03/21/98 15:44:26 Joel Sherrill Added BSP specific start since it had become VERY complex to attempt …
(edit) @77bf1b1   03/21/98 15:37:43 Joel Sherrill Corrected typo in copyright notice.
(edit) @e2a2ec60   03/21/98 15:37:18 Joel Sherrill Switch to using a shared main() for all of the embedded BSPs based on …
(edit) @2b4aec8   03/21/98 15:31:13 Joel Sherrill Fixed spacing to be consistent with other CPUs.
(edit) @771dac2   03/21/98 14:34:58 Joel Sherrill POSIX not properly conditionalized
(edit) @670b2edf   03/20/98 19:08:26 Joel Sherrill Fixed typo.
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