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(edit) @e39e6f7   04/09/97 20:05:59 Joel Sherrill added code to prevent attempts to clean up the library when rtems is down.
(edit) @0956b52   04/09/97 20:05:37 Joel Sherrill correct incorrect register addresses for port a.
(edit) @8c0dc2c   04/09/97 20:05:12 Joel Sherrill removed unused is_character_ready routine.
(edit) @3fc076d   04/09/97 20:04:52 Joel Sherrill added support for tracking thread cpu usage.
(edit) @192259f   04/09/97 20:04:36 Joel Sherrill enhanced printf statements
(edit) @48e34595   04/09/97 20:04:22 Joel Sherrill corrected spacing.
(edit) @bbb846b   04/09/97 20:03:59 Joel Sherrill added SYSTEM_STATE_SHUTDOWN
(edit) @eafd698   04/09/97 20:03:35 Joel Sherrill enhanced rtems_shutdown_executive to insure that no attempt will be …
(edit) @113ef9fc   04/09/97 20:02:29 Joel Sherrill added support for statistics on rate monotonic periods.
(edit) @e2d79559   04/09/97 14:05:50 Joel Sherrill Added ka9q tcpip stack and network driver for the gen68360. This …
(edit) @bed475e   04/08/97 11:53:54 Joel Sherrill added cast to eliminate warning.
(edit) @f8700f77   04/07/97 21:33:28 Joel Sherrill corrected printf specifications and added casts as necessary to …
(edit) @de4f281   04/07/97 21:31:59 Joel Sherrill added ifdef to avoid warning for unused variable.
(edit) @1c666fc   04/07/97 21:31:39 Joel Sherrill corrected integer only definitions of "FP CHECK" routines to eliminate …
(edit) @9ffcaa4a   04/07/97 21:30:58 Joel Sherrill changed signed int to unsigned int to eliminate a warning.
(edit) @bd71da7   04/07/97 21:30:42 Joel Sherrill removed noreturn attribute to eliminate warnings.
(edit) @82478528   04/07/97 21:30:16 Joel Sherrill commented out sccs_id's to eliminate warnings.
(edit) @dd1d1c7   04/07/97 21:29:49 Joel Sherrill added prototype and return statement to eliminate warnings.
(edit) @f1fc782e   04/07/97 21:29:09 Joel Sherrill commented out sccs_id's to eliminate warnings. main.c: added return …
(edit) @318976f   04/07/97 21:28:21 Joel Sherrill removed reference to no_bsp. added prototypes.
(edit) @de1d716   04/07/97 21:27:59 Joel Sherrill commented out sccs_id to eliminate warnings
(edit) @2938c1a3   04/07/97 21:27:22 Joel Sherrill added or fixed includes of page_table.h to eliminate warnings.
(edit) @588c9ed   04/07/97 21:26:49 Joel Sherrill added cast to eliminate warning
(edit) @930b3d5   04/07/97 21:26:34 Joel Sherrill added prototype for delay.
(edit) @3bc409c   04/07/97 21:26:22 Joel Sherrill added global statement for start entry point
(edit) @437366f   04/07/97 21:25:42 Joel Sherrill removed noreturn from prototype to avoid warnings.
(edit) @2bad8aa   04/07/97 21:25:21 Joel Sherrill added cast to eliminate warning.
(edit) @759a9d9   04/07/97 21:24:28 Joel Sherrill added return statement to avoid warning.
(edit) @d6ba279   04/07/97 21:24:02 Joel Sherrill added initialization of variable to eliminate warning.
(edit) @0b50855   04/07/97 21:23:43 Joel Sherrill added include of unistd.h to eliminate warning for no prototype for …
(edit) @c6e895df   04/07/97 21:22:59 Joel Sherrill added ifdef around variables to eliminate warnings when cross
(edit) @12d6f14   04/07/97 21:22:15 Joel Sherrill added "ifndef" to avoid redefinition warning.
(edit) @424ab48   04/07/97 21:21:55 Joel Sherrill added volatile to Switch_necessary structure member to avoid warning.
(edit) @d911f4c2   04/07/97 21:21:21 Joel Sherrill added test to avoid spurious error
(edit) @4e8c5a6b   04/07/97 21:20:57 Joel Sherrill added prototype for missing routine.
(edit) @d749165   04/07/97 21:20:48 Joel Sherrill added "return" to eliminate warning.
(edit) @2ff1d549   04/07/97 21:20:35 Joel Sherrill added "ifndef" to avoid redefinition warning
(edit) @82ab443e   04/07/97 21:20:16 Joel Sherrill added prototypes for two assembly language routines to eliminate warnings.
(edit) @32ef3dc   04/07/97 21:19:59 Joel Sherrill commented out sccs_id to eliminate warning.
(edit) @11259ab7   04/07/97 21:19:15 Joel Sherrill added plea for someone to implement software stack switching for …
(edit) @77d20fb   04/07/97 21:18:50 Joel Sherrill Replaced warning message for cpus which do not have hardware support …
(edit) @2e4bc8b4   04/07/97 21:17:42 Joel Sherrill initialized variable to eliminate warning
(edit) @94784cf8   04/07/97 21:16:47 Joel Sherrill changed signed int to unsigned to eliminate warning
(edit) @17c4511   04/07/97 21:16:31 Joel Sherrill added "ifndef" for ASM to avoid redefinition warnings.
(edit) @1c24fe7   04/02/97 16:27:05 Joel Sherrill corrected one of the references to an environment variable which is no …
(edit) @51f5d64c   04/02/97 16:26:39 Joel Sherrill corrected printf format to avoid warning
(edit) @892a536d   04/02/97 16:26:28 Joel Sherrill initialized variables or removed unused variables to remove warnings
(edit) @9a11e1f   04/02/97 14:58:19 Joel Sherrill was checking for null cpu_table -- short have been checking …
(edit) @254b4450   04/01/97 23:07:52 Joel Sherrill This set of changes is the build of what was required to convert to …
(edit) @467eae4d   03/21/97 19:20:40 Joel Sherrill Fixed symbols.
(edit) @1a3e4fa   03/21/97 19:20:25 Joel Sherrill added decrementer entry.
(edit) @84e5b57f   03/21/97 19:19:33 Joel Sherrill Removed Fake input ifdef code.
(edit) @691259b   03/21/97 19:18:11 Joel Sherrill Fixed timerisr symbol.
(edit) @e667a0b   03/21/97 19:17:46 Joel Sherrill Rewrote to avoid references to C symbols from assembly. This entirely …
(edit) @51c9fb4   03/21/97 19:17:05 Joel Sherrill Fixes incorrect reference to start symbol.
(edit) @d0e126a6   03/11/97 15:53:05 Joel Sherrill updates from John Gwynne
(edit) @6335022e   03/11/97 15:42:59 Joel Sherrill updates from John Gwynne
(edit) @c43b34c   03/11/97 15:42:14 Joel Sherrill modified _Chain_Insert_unprotected to have the form required to be …
(edit) @0302021   03/11/97 15:41:19 Joel Sherrill swapped increment of _ISR_Nest_level and _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level
(edit) @1dc3500   03/10/97 19:38:30 Joel Sherrill added include of rtems.h so the proper macro definitions would be present.
(edit) @41c58154   03/10/97 19:38:06 Joel Sherrill made some of this conditional on unix lib
(edit) @a3cfa9f   03/10/97 19:37:44 Joel Sherrill initialized a stack variable to avoid a warning.
(edit) @d627c0c4   03/10/97 16:57:08 Joel Sherrill created. Split getpid() from types.c to allow it to be overridden by …
(edit) @fec60e9   03/10/97 16:56:08 Joel Sherrill Fixed bug where the initial detachstate was not being set properly
(edit) @1149658   03/08/97 03:57:09 Joel Sherrill updated version to 4.0.0
(edit) @9128179   03/08/97 03:53:59 Joel Sherrill added support for posix tests
(edit) @133fb0e5   03/08/97 03:53:37 Joel Sherrill Larger Workspace when it is a POSIX API. Actually this is just to …
(edit) @f926b34   03/08/97 03:51:55 Joel Sherrill Modified calls to _Thread_Change_priority to take a third argument. …
(edit) @dab057a   03/08/97 03:51:09 Joel Sherrill Modified calls to _Thread_Change_priority to take a third argument. …
(edit) @232d6c1c   03/08/97 03:50:17 Joel Sherrill Removed getpid from this file and made it its own file. This lets it …
(edit) @5cdcbd2   03/08/97 03:47:34 Joel Sherrill Added commit to indicate exepcted _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level. …
(edit) @aea06ed   01/29/97 15:54:31 Joel Sherrill Modifications to make go32 build using new i386-go32-rtems toolset and …
(edit) @cd912a09   01/29/97 15:35:13 Joel Sherrill new file explaining issues related to this bsp.
(edit) @f3f23878   01/29/97 15:22:49 Joel Sherrill Fixed this where it works. It includes the libpc.a and libc.a from …
(edit) @cb585c3   01/29/97 00:32:23 Joel Sherrill erc32 bsp supercedes sis
(edit) @2a3d1fd   01/29/97 00:31:56 Joel Sherrill Made stopping for the pause an option which can be configured in the …
(edit) @551cb1c   01/29/97 00:30:51 Joel Sherrill Minor change to eliminate incorrect use of unaligned register.
(edit) @dcec5a4   01/29/97 00:29:25 Joel Sherrill Merged newlib's libgloss support for rtems into this directory. This …
(edit) @634e746   01/29/97 00:28:47 Joel Sherrill All RTEMS system call implementation renamed to be rtems_*.
(edit) @2f93371   01/29/97 00:28:30 Joel Sherrill The CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS and CONSOLE_USE_POLLED macros are now …
(edit) @541dfb2   01/29/97 00:22:24 Joel Sherrill Removed definitions which are now in targopts.h. This eliminates the …
(edit) @36dbb51   01/29/97 00:21:53 Joel Sherrill added type to macro to eliminate warning for untyped use of a register.
(edit) @3aa5029   01/29/97 00:14:15 Joel Sherrill Added comment.
(edit) @136b1e2   01/29/97 00:13:50 Joel Sherrill Removed defines now handled by targopts.h.
(edit) @ee7cf7d   01/29/97 00:13:11 Joel Sherrill Added include of rtems/score/cpu.h
(edit) @b9181082   01/29/97 00:13:00 Joel Sherrill Added include of targopts.h.
(edit) @985796a   01/29/97 00:12:31 Joel Sherrill Changed include of asm.h so it is in brackets not quotes. asm.h is in …
(edit) @5ddfa53b   01/29/97 00:11:16 Joel Sherrill Fixed spacing on comments.
(edit) @375a6c0   01/29/97 00:10:28 Joel Sherrill Fixed spacing on comment.
(edit) @860e77a   01/29/97 00:09:49 Joel Sherrill Fixed comments. Fixed so this file can be included from assembly code.
(edit) @95a1d50   01/29/97 00:08:14 Joel Sherrill Added comment.
(edit) @7446899   01/29/97 00:07:15 Joel Sherrill fixed spacing problem
(edit) @f7e46cf0   01/28/97 23:35:01 Joel Sherrill With the transition from command line macro definitions to targopts.h, …
(edit) @68d8873   01/28/97 23:33:40 Joel Sherrill removed include of unnecessary include file.
(edit) @52d99d4a   01/28/97 23:33:22 Joel Sherrill Switch to using newlib's implementation of time().
(edit) @b1b5a7cb   01/28/97 23:16:16 Joel Sherrill new file used by gcc 2.8.x -specs option
(edit) @fc5e2d73   01/15/97 20:21:48 Joel Sherrill fixed comments on vanilla 68000 SW interrupt stack (or the lack thereof)
(edit) @d135fc52   01/08/97 16:22:22 Joel Sherrill _CPU_Trap_Table_area is now conditional based on whether or not the …
(edit) @c6126e57   01/08/97 16:21:38 Joel Sherrill removed assert() for stat on non-devices. Now it returns -1. This …
(edit) @1019ae4   01/08/97 16:20:47 Joel Sherrill added some casts to reduce warnings reported by users with Microtec …
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