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(edit) @ce0f7d95   06/13/96 16:44:46 Joel Sherrill Added more test cases for kill() and alarm(). kill() now can unblock …
(edit) @1094754f   06/12/96 22:52:13 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @699fe08a   06/11/96 20:46:13 Joel Sherrill Added test case which blocks a signal, sees what signals are pending, …
(edit) @fb39f19   06/11/96 16:04:25 Joel Sherrill modified to test pthread_kill() to self and pthread_kill() to a …
(edit) @1ba858d   06/10/96 20:51:31 Joel Sherrill new files. This test does a basic checkout of signals with a …
(edit) @1e608b0f   06/10/96 20:49:21 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @893103c   06/10/96 20:49:08 Joel Sherrill moved the time macros to pmacros.h.
(edit) @0a359a7   06/06/96 19:16:20 Joel Sherrill added include of <sched.h> and fixed warnings
(edit) @7aa4671   06/05/96 21:12:06 Joel Sherrill added cpu_time_budget field to Thread_Control and removed the global …
(edit) @95645a4   06/04/96 19:06:30 Joel Sherrill added test case for sched_get_priority_min, sched_get_priority_max, …
(edit) @15974b65   06/04/96 14:32:21 Joel Sherrill added basic test cases for pthread_self and pthread_equal
(edit) @fa4fdd7d   06/03/96 20:15:16 Joel Sherrill updated screen
(edit) @e984c645   06/03/96 18:59:59 Joel Sherrill added test code for return of remaining time from sleep().
(edit) @e88b589   06/03/96 18:28:30 Joel Sherrill added test case for nanosleep filling in the time remaining structure.
(edit) @19962562   06/03/96 16:30:44 Joel Sherrill added test code for nanosleep and return code from sleep.
(edit) @5e7b6272   05/31/96 23:27:45 Joel Sherrill renamed _TOD_Ticks_since_boot as _Watchdog_Ticks_since_boot so the …
(edit) @9594cdb   05/30/96 20:49:16 Joel Sherrill added code to test clock and time related functionality.
(edit) @a96a713   05/30/96 14:01:33 Joel Sherrill tests now specify whether they are using rtems initialization tasks or …
(edit) @be1c11ed   05/29/96 22:48:26 Joel Sherrill tests now specify whether using posix initialization threads table or …
(edit) @2197a2e1   05/29/96 20:56:57 Joel Sherrill simple version of test which shows pthread_create, pthread_exit, and …
(edit) @0252200   05/29/96 16:06:47 Joel Sherrill Gutted test of rtems api calls and added comments to indicate what the …
(edit) @e6d4b1d   05/28/96 13:13:34 Joel Sherrill added initial posix configuration support
(edit) @3320e52   05/24/96 22:58:15 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @94bac464   05/24/96 19:35:25 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @6d12f59   05/24/96 19:34:05 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett to correct calling sequences.
(edit) @86fc81e   05/24/96 19:33:36 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @abd604a   05/24/96 14:25:49 Mark.Johannes new file
(edit) @6481405e   05/24/96 14:16:24 Joel Sherrill added use of sporadic server scheduling parameters
(edit) @8442b4c7   05/24/96 14:05:02 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @13fcfde   05/23/96 22:34:18 Joel Sherrill clean up on DELAYTIMER_MAX
(edit) @8a318cd   05/23/96 22:23:44 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @3a9fc7d   05/23/96 21:51:54 Joel Sherrill unused variable
(edit) @73c5da6a   05/23/96 21:51:53 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @7303eea   05/23/96 21:23:12 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @1b297b4a   05/23/96 21:10:12 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @d1d7e807   05/23/96 20:43:04 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @a1c86cbe   05/23/96 20:37:09 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @3d135eea   05/23/96 19:56:49 Joel Sherrill cleanup
(edit) @d3fed0a3   05/23/96 19:54:08 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @02bfc56   05/23/96 19:31:54 Joel Sherrill cleanup status vs. result
(edit) @318ac69   05/23/96 19:23:54 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @7af3a828   05/23/96 19:09:21 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @f2cb4ac   05/23/96 19:04:18 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @57fc51c   05/23/96 18:55:32 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @41e7a1d8   05/23/96 18:43:59 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @9854e336   05/23/96 18:08:15 Joel Sherrill updated to reflect more constants and feature macros
(edit) @8b2ecf85   05/23/96 15:37:38 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett
(edit) @2328475   05/22/96 22:39:47 Joel Sherrill created posix test suite with test of header files
(edit) @4e684a31   05/10/96 20:24:07 Joel Sherrill added posix test directory
(edit) @d2d6467   04/22/96 23:58:40 Joel Sherrill Lowered number of messages created to reduce burden on workspace.
(edit) @8389628   04/22/96 16:53:46 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett
(edit) @5a36154a   04/22/96 16:53:05 Joel Sherrill addition of optional user provided stack allocator means that we can …
(edit) @e6424462   03/06/96 21:37:43 Joel Sherrill As part of reducing visibility into rtems and hiding the .inl files …
(edit) @ba39113   02/22/96 20:14:36 Joel Sherrill The name of the test support routine pause was changed to …
(edit) @0e0d88b   02/21/96 14:47:58 Joel Sherrill Dispersal of internal thread handler resulted in removal of some …
(edit) @8bde6ea9   02/13/96 22:16:36 Joel Sherrill removed post switch extension
(edit) @8c8a924   02/09/96 14:31:39 Joel Sherrill As part of implementing the new isr synchronization algorithm using a …
(edit) @c3dcd6e   01/19/96 22:22:12 Joel Sherrill Added RTEMS API control structure to per task memory usage macro.
(edit) @709b93d   01/19/96 22:21:46 Joel Sherrill Increased stack size.
(edit) @97dde60   01/17/96 20:14:18 Joel Sherrill increased stack space
(edit) @b817240c   01/15/96 23:07:00 Joel Sherrill Init task was not defined as being floating point.
(edit) @c64e4ed4   01/15/96 21:50:28 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett for PA and UNIX ports
(edit) @5c491aef   12/20/95 15:39:19 Joel Sherrill changes remerged after lost in disk crash -- recovered from snapshot, …
(edit) @8bdcfc4   12/19/95 20:26:32 Joel Sherrill changes remerged after disk crash -- history lost
(edit) @7593d56c   12/19/95 19:22:55 Joel Sherrill file lost in crash and re-added
(edit) @c4808ca   10/31/95 21:28:16 Joel Sherrill typos fixed
(edit) @9700578   10/30/95 21:54:45 Joel Sherrill SPARC port passes all tests
(edit) @ea74482   10/11/95 13:54:46 Joel Sherrill reordered test cases from simple to complex
(edit) @eb5a7e07   10/06/95 20:48:38 Joel Sherrill fixed missing CVS IDs
(edit) @11290355   09/29/95 17:19:16 Joel Sherrill all targets compile .. tony's patches in place
(edit) @37f4c2d   09/27/95 20:53:58 Joel Sherrill Modified UNIX simulator port so all references to native unix stuff is …
(edit) @5e9b32b   09/26/95 19:27:15 Joel Sherrill posix support initially added
(edit) @18c5378   09/22/95 15:35:48 Joel Sherrill moving files around and adding the exec/wrapup directory
(edit) @c896e8d   09/19/95 21:44:52 Joel Sherrill Heap changes required some changes in this screen.
(edit) @2122a0b   09/19/95 21:44:33 Joel Sherrill Modifications from Tony Bennett accepted to tune this test a little.
(edit) @38ffa0c   09/19/95 18:32:18 Joel Sherrill Incorporated the submission from John S. Gwynne …
(edit) @3652ad35   09/19/95 14:53:29 Joel Sherrill Minor bug fixes to get all targets compilable and running. The single …
(edit) @4b61ebfb   09/11/95 20:19:06 Joel Sherrill Added…
(edit) @3a4ae6c   09/11/95 19:35:39 Joel Sherrill The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core. …
(edit) @7f6a24ab   08/28/95 15:30:29 Joel Sherrill Added unused priority ceiling parameter to rtems_semaphore_create. …
(edit) @5250ff39   08/23/95 21:06:31 Joel Sherrill Moved _Thread_Information -> _RTEMS_tasks_Information. Added a table …
(edit) @3235ad9   08/23/95 19:30:23 Joel Sherrill Support for variable length names added to Object Handler. This …
(edit) @2a0b721   08/18/95 21:44:46 Joel Sherrill Changed to reflect adding object class to id Added "0x" to printf of id
(edit) @94179e0   08/18/95 21:44:29 Joel Sherrill Changed to reflect adding object class to id
(edit) @b06e68ef   08/17/95 19:51:51 Joel Sherrill Numerous miscellaneous features incorporated from Tony Bennett …
(edit) @4b374f36   08/17/95 19:36:43 Joel Sherrill maximum number of messages removed and include statement cleanup
(edit) @891e9c3   08/11/95 14:35:01 Joel Sherrill added alignment attribute for array used as partition memory.
(edit) @8d47a15   08/11/95 14:33:56 Joel Sherrill cleanup
(edit) @7950309   08/02/95 19:56:51 Joel Sherrill Added test cases: + some from Andy Bray (andy@…) …
(edit) @0ea07c0   07/31/95 22:18:38 Joel Sherrill fixed path problem for POSIX
(edit) @1690c6b   07/21/95 20:10:49 Joel Sherrill after testing go32 and cvme961
(edit) @4ca27cf   07/18/95 21:19:53 Joel Sherrill committing for rtems-3.2.01 snapshot
(edit) @637df35   07/12/95 19:47:25 Joel Sherrill Ada95, gnat, go32
(edit) @459f770   06/05/95 23:55:00 Joel Sherrill added calls to _Thread_Disable_dispatch to match requirements for …
(edit) @6b782ab   06/05/95 23:53:37 Joel Sherrill conditional added for the hppa gr27
(edit) @7c22114b   05/31/95 17:37:05 Joel Sherrill Corrected minor number for "Null" device driver
(edit) @497428a2   05/30/95 19:42:36 Joel Sherrill cpu/*types.h added and successfully compiled. IDLE task priority …
(edit) @88d594a   05/24/95 21:39:42 Joel Sherrill Fully tested on all in-house targets
(add) @ac7d5ef0   05/11/95 17:39:37 Joel Sherrill Initial revision
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