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(edit) @766ed7c   09/29/98 12:15:08 Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum <eric@…>: Remember the test …
(edit) @718dc95   09/21/98 00:46:00 Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum <eric@…>: Here's a patch to …
(edit) @7ddcfb8c   09/21/98 00:42:07 Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum and David Fiddes to put ColdFire? support in the …
(edit) @b3956369   09/11/98 13:12:04 Joel Sherrill Patch from "David J. Fiddes" <D.J@…>: I've fixed …
(edit) @23cdd84c   09/10/98 12:43:00 Joel Sherrill Patch from David Fiddes <D.J.Fiddes@…> to make this compile for …
(edit) @109b17f4   09/10/98 12:23:08 Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum <eric@…> to fix a cryptic error …
(edit) @4cf89a8   08/31/98 23:09:17 Joel Sherrill Fixed spacing. More comments from Eric Norum need to be addressed.
(edit) @d9d75fc   08/31/98 23:06:50 Joel Sherrill Patch from Emmanuel Raguet <raguet@…>: I have reworked …
(edit) @4de817d   08/21/98 18:14:27 Joel Sherrill Added i386 specific version of in_cksum.c and restructured the main …
(edit) @617a1a2d   08/21/98 17:37:01 Joel Sherrill Another missing piece. Thanks Eric.
(edit) @33679ec4   08/21/98 13:04:55 Joel Sherrill All warnings removed.
(edit) @c3a1c05   08/21/98 13:04:36 Joel Sherrill Removed networkconfig.h since it reflects target specific initialization.
(edit) @ab09043a   08/21/98 12:51:29 Joel Sherrill Fixed warning about pointer/integer conversion which turned out to be …
(edit) @28e7d7fa   08/20/98 22:04:22 Joel Sherrill Patches from Eric Norum
(edit) @96b39164   08/20/98 21:56:40 Joel Sherrill Added CVS Ids
(edit) @ff0f694d   08/20/98 21:47:37 Joel Sherrill Fixed many warnings.
(edit) @d9e6224   08/20/98 15:38:30 Joel Sherrill Temporarily leave strsep out of the build.
(edit) @4e1d5c6   08/20/98 15:38:15 Joel Sherrill Added missing file.
(edit) @3f098aed   08/20/98 14:37:17 Joel Sherrill FreeBSD stack compiles for the first time (except libc/strsep.c).
(edit) @c197b6c   08/20/98 12:54:04 Joel Sherrill Base files
(edit) @888497d   08/20/98 12:45:04 Joel Sherrill Base files
(edit) @f31f46d2   08/20/98 12:37:35 Joel Sherrill Base version.
(add) @39e6e65a   08/19/98 21:32:28 Joel Sherrill Base files
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