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(edit) @55951bc   May 4, 1998, 12:40:21 PM Joel Sherrill Switched to termios callback structure.
(edit) @f35abd4   May 4, 1998, 12:40:09 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected and added sections to link cleanly under powerpc-rtems (ELF).
(edit) @f69d686   May 4, 1998, 12:39:21 PM Joel Sherrill Removed warning for unnecessary reference to start as entry point.
(edit) @36a14a96   May 4, 1998, 12:38:53 PM Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum to switch to termios callback structure and add …
(edit) @5ee559ac   May 4, 1998, 12:37:35 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected and added sections to link cleanly under i386-rtemself.
(edit) @3e367452   May 2, 1998, 12:12:14 PM Joel Sherrill removed warning for implicit declaration of idtsimexit()
(edit) @36aba21   May 2, 1998, 12:11:23 PM Joel Sherrill removed warning for implicit declaration of resolve()
(edit) @269707e6   May 2, 1998, 12:10:18 PM Joel Sherrill removed warning for `#ifdef' argument starts with a digit
(edit) @17f57736   May 2, 1998, 12:09:11 PM Joel Sherrill removed warning for implicit declaration of boot_card()
(edit) @2e34f4ad   Apr 30, 1998, 11:43:19 AM Joel Sherrill Removed tripling of workspace API when POSIX API is enabled. …
(edit) @ba05e31   Apr 30, 1998, 11:41:57 AM Joel Sherrill Added wildcard to switch for monitor and termios.
(edit) @a524c00   Apr 30, 1998, 11:40:28 AM Joel Sherrill Added sections and redirected some to RAM to avoid warnings.
(edit) @1ca488b   Apr 30, 1998, 11:40:07 AM Joel Sherrill Added sections to remove warnings
(edit) @c719991   Apr 30, 1998, 10:46:52 AM Joel Sherrill moved tools to bsp directory
(edit) @96d56b3   Apr 27, 1998, 6:42:04 PM Joel Sherrill Update from Pedro Romano <pmcnr@…>.
(edit) @008faafd   Apr 27, 1998, 2:18:38 PM Joel Sherrill Added shared directory.
(edit) @7e2cc64   Apr 27, 1998, 2:18:11 PM Joel Sherrill Removed extra (bad) CVS Id string.
(edit) @0a3a3ae6   Apr 27, 1998, 2:17:52 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed CVS Id string and removed bogus comment.
(edit) @6b52fe5   Apr 27, 1998, 2:17:16 PM Joel Sherrill Fix from Ralf Corsepius: + adding #include <rtems/libio.h> to fix …
(edit) @0903597f   Apr 18, 1998, 5:26:41 PM Joel Sherrill psim now runs in both debug and non-debug mode.
(edit) @70ad028   Apr 15, 1998, 10:09:28 PM Joel Sherrill update from Eric Norum
(edit) @c0daf807   Apr 15, 1998, 10:09:17 PM Joel Sherrill New file created by extracting common initialization from every BSP's …
(edit) @bd9c3d1   Apr 15, 1998, 8:50:31 PM Joel Sherrill Numerous changes which in total greatly reduced the amount of source …
(edit) @b6394ae   Apr 15, 1998, 3:13:01 PM Joel Sherrill Transitioned to shared bsp_libc_init() and cleaned up comments.
(edit) @9b64c2d5   Apr 15, 1998, 12:10:03 AM Joel Sherrill Per suggestion from Eric Norum, went from one initial extension set to …
(edit) @4381e50   Apr 14, 1998, 10:44:49 PM Joel Sherrill Ralf Corsepius suggested a way to get rid of UNIX compiler files and …
(edit) @c244a9ee   Apr 14, 1998, 9:32:12 PM Joel Sherrill Stack checker extension now accounted for in confdefs.h
(edit) @3b89891   Apr 14, 1998, 8:54:26 PM Joel Sherrill Now accounts for region used by RTEMS malloc and extension used by newlib.
(edit) @7a75c323   Apr 14, 1998, 8:52:31 PM Joel Sherrill Removed recursive call to exit
(edit) @9c329a5c   Apr 14, 1998, 8:52:15 PM Joel Sherrill Moved bspclean from assembly to C and made exit act properly.
(edit) @c8bc6e45   Apr 14, 1998, 8:29:35 PM Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @e6e5e47   Apr 14, 1998, 7:56:25 PM Joel Sherrill Removed delay macro
(edit) @a34ab1b2   Apr 14, 1998, 7:54:04 PM Joel Sherrill removed shmsupp
(edit) @22764c0c   Apr 14, 1998, 7:53:16 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected comment
(edit) @8961188   Apr 14, 1998, 7:49:13 PM Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @8f95b5f   Mar 30, 1998, 2:01:19 PM Joel Sherrill Moved bsp_postdriver_hook() to a shared file and made it a common …
(edit) @6937fd82   Mar 30, 1998, 1:59:07 PM Joel Sherrill Renamed crt0.o to crt0_go32.o to avoid build problems.
(edit) @33442772   Mar 30, 1998, 1:42:13 PM Joel Sherrill Update from "erik.ivanenko" <erik.ivanenko@…>. Also removed …
(edit) @5e0fbcc   Mar 25, 1998, 7:02:37 PM Joel Sherrill Moved memcpy to newlib/libc/machine/m68k
(edit) @c80add4   Mar 25, 1998, 6:46:47 PM Joel Sherrill m68k software interrupt stack support from Chris Johns and Eric Norum.
(edit) @85047f02   Mar 25, 1998, 2:00:41 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected definition of main and boot_card to be more ANSI compliant.
(edit) @3ec7bfc   Mar 24, 1998, 4:24:39 PM Joel Sherrill Rename hppa1_1 to hppa1.1 and switched to using XXX macros for the …
(edit) @222788b   Mar 24, 1998, 2:33:28 PM Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @5839b0c1   Mar 23, 1998, 7:51:40 PM Joel Sherrill Converted to conditionally uses strerr code to better work with glibc2.
(edit) @98bcbda3   Mar 23, 1998, 6:35:41 PM Joel Sherrill Patches from Eric Norum: Here are some patches to the gen68360 …
(edit) @4e01c9c   Mar 21, 1998, 3:44:26 PM Joel Sherrill Added BSP specific start since it had become VERY complex to attempt …
(edit) @e2a2ec60   Mar 21, 1998, 3:37:18 PM Joel Sherrill Switch to using a shared main() for all of the embedded BSPs based on …
(edit) @670b2edf   Mar 20, 1998, 7:08:26 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed typo.
(edit) @f8b27df9   Mar 20, 1998, 5:20:45 PM Joel Sherrill New port from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>.
(edit) @50cf94d   Mar 20, 1998, 5:16:31 PM Joel Sherrill SH port submitted from Ralf Corsepius <corsepiu@…>.
(edit) @0799dec   Feb 23, 1998, 9:33:43 PM Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum: Here's another small patch. The changes to …
(edit) @96c73ab   Feb 19, 1998, 11:02:16 PM Joel Sherrill Patch from Eric Norum: While trying to work through this problem I …
(edit) @60b791ad   Feb 17, 1998, 11:46:28 PM Joel Sherrill updated copyright to 1998
(edit) @f86ec42   Feb 17, 1998, 11:35:54 PM Joel Sherrill Added .eh_frame, C++ constructor, and C++ destructor sections.
(edit) @a858910   Feb 11, 1998, 10:13:46 PM Joel Sherrill Incorporated Ralf Corsepius' idea for new -q flags to properly support …
(edit) @fc56b90c   Feb 11, 1998, 9:57:20 PM Joel Sherrill Don't install tools using variant name.
(edit) @f02ffca   Feb 6, 1998, 1:47:09 PM Joel Sherrill Problem report from Brian Cuthie regarding incorrect calculation of …
(edit) @52dd75d   Feb 3, 1998, 6:29:05 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected spelling error so interrupt driven console would work.
(edit) @5c3511e   Jan 30, 1998, 9:49:51 PM Joel Sherrill Big patch form Ralf Corsepius described in this email: Here is the …
(edit) @421dfef6   Jan 30, 1998, 8:59:22 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected Linux port for glibc2
(edit) @35eb035a   Jan 27, 1998, 2:02:21 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed missing carriage return at the bottom of the file reported by …
(edit) @2936b425   Jan 23, 1998, 5:45:05 PM Joel Sherrill Solaris port updates from Chris Johns
(edit) @bd620fe   Jan 23, 1998, 5:06:17 PM Joel Sherrill Added information about multilib problems.
(edit) @fdff6bf2   Jan 22, 1998, 5:50:27 PM Joel Sherrill Added some GRUB information from Phil Wilshire.
(edit) @cb5bfe4   Jan 20, 1998, 7:41:09 PM Joel Sherrill Removed CONFIG_DIR and PROJECT_HOME directories.
(edit) @6f9c75c3   Jan 16, 1998, 4:56:48 PM Joel Sherrill Ralf Corsepius reported a number of missing CVS Id's: > RTEMS is …
(edit) @35a1ec9   Jan 6, 1998, 8:18:21 PM Joel Sherrill Updates from Eric Norum. Changed CPU CFLAG and went to a common name …
(edit) @c257ec4e   Dec 22, 1997, 6:23:58 PM Joel Sherrill Fixes from Eric Norum. C++ support added in previous version was …
(edit) @608641e   Dec 22, 1997, 5:29:51 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected prototypes for all termios console write driver entries to …
(edit) @8fe6d358   Dec 20, 1997, 4:59:11 PM Joel Sherrill Moved -qnolinkcmds option so arguments passed on the command line are …
(edit) @1587af6   Dec 20, 1997, 4:37:29 PM Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum to include C++ support.
(edit) @f7fa7d7   Dec 19, 1997, 2:48:19 PM Joel Sherrill Modified bsp_specs per Eric Norum's suggestion to handle -qnolinkcmds …
(edit) @674c900   Dec 10, 1997, 4:58:00 PM Joel Sherrill Modified a lot of files to take a first cut at supporting building …
(edit) @ccb806c   Dec 6, 1997, 3:12:07 PM Joel Sherrill Changed the uuencode line to work better with VPATH setups.
(edit) @7150f00f   Dec 1, 1997, 10:06:48 PM Joel Sherrill Inclusion of PC386 BSP submitted by Pedro Miguel Da Cruz Neto Romano …
(edit) @0f39365   Nov 30, 1997, 6:36:13 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected call to rtems_termios_open.
(edit) @ce41c5b   Nov 18, 1997, 10:32:38 PM Joel Sherrill Removed warnings.
(edit) @405829bd   Nov 18, 1997, 10:32:25 PM Joel Sherrill Added argument as required by new version of termios_open.
(edit) @53cea31   Nov 18, 1997, 10:32:00 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed assignment to dereference ch.
(edit) @d54de3f   Nov 18, 1997, 10:31:37 PM Joel Sherrill Changed from DOS style CR/LF to Unix style.
(edit) @d24ceb3   Nov 15, 1997, 6:15:36 PM Joel Sherrill interrupt driven change from Eric Norum
(edit) @87d3d02   Oct 23, 1997, 6:49:02 PM Joel Sherrill Switched to new style for read support routine.
(edit) @cfefaa6e   Oct 23, 1997, 6:48:35 PM Joel Sherrill Added TOD driver from Katsutoshi Shibuya.
(edit) @51961e4   Oct 23, 1997, 6:48:01 PM Joel Sherrill Removed GEN68360_INIT.
(edit) @4106f7f   Oct 23, 1997, 6:47:43 PM Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum.
(edit) @aa239a7   Oct 23, 1997, 6:47:23 PM Joel Sherrill Updated console driver to use new read routine conventions.
(edit) @5993d02   Oct 23, 1997, 3:12:08 PM Joel Sherrill Added console_reserve_resources.
(edit) @edd1329f   Oct 23, 1997, 3:11:27 PM Joel Sherrill Overhauled console driver to use termios and to simultaneously support …
(edit) @a7e2729   Oct 21, 1997, 6:38:24 PM Joel Sherrill Converted to termios style device driver.
(edit) @f33a3f2a   Oct 16, 1997, 9:06:47 PM Joel Sherrill Control and Data addresses were swapped for port A.
(edit) @d17d4d2f   Oct 15, 1997, 9:27:00 PM Joel Sherrill Moved selection of console port to custom file.
(edit) @84ff8b7b   Oct 13, 1997, 5:38:18 PM Joel Sherrill New version of this file from Eric Norum.
(edit) @a86443fb   Oct 9, 1997, 6:33:46 PM Joel Sherrill Added search of libcpu and fpsp.
(edit) @b546242   Oct 8, 1997, 7:52:47 PM Joel Sherrill Modified to search RTEMS library before Newlib C library.
(edit) @7de0960   Oct 8, 1997, 6:19:43 PM Joel Sherrill Update from Eric Norum: Change label names so they can be …
(edit) @98e4ebf   Oct 8, 1997, 3:45:54 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.
(edit) @a2016b99   Oct 8, 1997, 2:42:08 PM Joel Sherrill Removed include directory at "build" point and the link of this …
(edit) @ffa6183   Oct 6, 1997, 9:30:16 PM Joel Sherrill Increased interrupt stack space.
(edit) @6b4ca31   Sep 18, 1997, 4:01:52 PM Joel Sherrill Merged changes from Eric Norum: Enable 68360 watchdog. The …
(edit) @8f35817   Sep 15, 1997, 6:52:26 PM Joel Sherrill eliminated potential for overfilling buffer on read
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