source: rtems/c/src/lib/libbsp/sparc/erc32/console/console.c

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(edit) @08311cc3   Nov 17, 1999, 5:51:34 PM Joel Sherrill Updated copyright notice.
(edit) @1d1b1507   May 27, 1999, 4:08:40 PM Joel Sherrill Split out polled io, debug puts, and console reserve resources to …
(edit) @0090c1a   May 18, 1999, 5:31:27 PM Joel Sherrill Spacing correction.
(edit) @030ff417   Jul 7, 1998, 4:38:18 PM Joel Sherrill Conditionals for CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS should have been "if" not "if …
(edit) @bdb1057   Jun 18, 1998, 3:13:29 PM Joel Sherrill Spacing changes.
(edit) @55951bc   May 4, 1998, 12:40:21 PM Joel Sherrill Switched to termios callback structure.
(edit) @60b791ad   Feb 17, 1998, 11:46:28 PM Joel Sherrill updated copyright to 1998
(edit) @52dd75d   Feb 3, 1998, 6:29:05 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected spelling error so interrupt driven console would work.
(edit) @608641e   Dec 22, 1997, 5:29:51 PM Joel Sherrill Corrected prototypes for all termios console write driver entries to …
(edit) @405829bd   Nov 18, 1997, 10:32:25 PM Joel Sherrill Added argument as required by new version of termios_open.
(edit) @87d3d02   Oct 23, 1997, 6:49:02 PM Joel Sherrill Switched to new style for read support routine.
(edit) @5993d02   Oct 23, 1997, 3:12:08 PM Joel Sherrill Added console_reserve_resources.
(edit) @a7e2729   Oct 21, 1997, 6:38:24 PM Joel Sherrill Converted to termios style device driver.
(edit) @98e4ebf   Oct 8, 1997, 3:45:54 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.
(edit) @8f35817   Sep 15, 1997, 6:52:26 PM Joel Sherrill eliminated potential for overfilling buffer on read
(edit) @03f2154e   Apr 22, 1997, 5:20:27 PM Joel Sherrill headers updated to reflect new style copyright notice as part of …
(edit) @84e5b57f   Mar 21, 1997, 7:19:33 PM Joel Sherrill Removed Fake input ifdef code.
(edit) @2f93371   Jan 29, 1997, 12:28:30 AM Joel Sherrill The CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS and CONSOLE_USE_POLLED macros are now …
(add) @7f96eef   Dec 2, 1996, 10:36:28 PM Joel Sherrill Replacement for the sis bsp which supports the simulator and real …
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