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(edit) @03f2154e   04/22/97 17:20:27 Joel Sherrill headers updated to reflect new style copyright notice as part of …
(edit) @5bf6ffb   04/16/97 17:34:40 Joel Sherrill Added FPSP support for MC68040
(edit) @e2d79559   04/09/97 14:05:50 Joel Sherrill Added ka9q tcpip stack and network driver for the gen68360. This …
(edit) @d6ba279   04/07/97 21:24:02 Joel Sherrill added initialization of variable to eliminate warning.
(edit) @12d6f14   04/07/97 21:22:15 Joel Sherrill added "ifndef" to avoid redefinition warning.
(edit) @424ab48   04/07/97 21:21:55 Joel Sherrill added volatile to Switch_necessary structure member to avoid warning.
(edit) @d911f4c2   04/07/97 21:21:21 Joel Sherrill added test to avoid spurious error
(edit) @4e8c5a6b   04/07/97 21:20:57 Joel Sherrill added prototype for missing routine.
(edit) @d749165   04/07/97 21:20:48 Joel Sherrill added "return" to eliminate warning.
(edit) @2ff1d549   04/07/97 21:20:35 Joel Sherrill added "ifndef" to avoid redefinition warning
(edit) @82ab443e   04/07/97 21:20:16 Joel Sherrill added prototypes for two assembly language routines to eliminate warnings.
(edit) @32ef3dc   04/07/97 21:19:59 Joel Sherrill commented out sccs_id to eliminate warning.
(edit) @11259ab7   04/07/97 21:19:15 Joel Sherrill added plea for someone to implement software stack switching for …
(edit) @77d20fb   04/07/97 21:18:50 Joel Sherrill Replaced warning message for cpus which do not have hardware support …
(edit) @2e4bc8b4   04/07/97 21:17:42 Joel Sherrill initialized variable to eliminate warning
(edit) @94784cf8   04/07/97 21:16:47 Joel Sherrill changed signed int to unsigned to eliminate warning
(edit) @17c4511   04/07/97 21:16:31 Joel Sherrill added "ifndef" for ASM to avoid redefinition warnings.
(edit) @254b4450   04/01/97 23:07:52 Joel Sherrill This set of changes is the build of what was required to convert to …
(edit) @0302021   03/11/97 15:41:19 Joel Sherrill swapped increment of _ISR_Nest_level and _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level
(edit) @a3cfa9f   03/10/97 19:37:44 Joel Sherrill initialized a stack variable to avoid a warning.
(edit) @541dfb2   01/29/97 00:22:24 Joel Sherrill Removed definitions which are now in targopts.h. This eliminates the …
(edit) @3aa5029   01/29/97 00:14:15 Joel Sherrill Added comment.
(edit) @136b1e2   01/29/97 00:13:50 Joel Sherrill Removed defines now handled by targopts.h.
(edit) @ee7cf7d   01/29/97 00:13:11 Joel Sherrill Added include of rtems/score/cpu.h
(edit) @b9181082   01/29/97 00:13:00 Joel Sherrill Added include of targopts.h.
(edit) @985796a   01/29/97 00:12:31 Joel Sherrill Changed include of asm.h so it is in brackets not quotes. asm.h is in …
(edit) @5ddfa53b   01/29/97 00:11:16 Joel Sherrill Fixed spacing on comments.
(edit) @375a6c0   01/29/97 00:10:28 Joel Sherrill Fixed spacing on comment.
(edit) @860e77a   01/29/97 00:09:49 Joel Sherrill Fixed comments. Fixed so this file can be included from assembly code.
(edit) @95a1d50   01/29/97 00:08:14 Joel Sherrill Added comment.
(edit) @7446899   01/29/97 00:07:15 Joel Sherrill fixed spacing problem
(edit) @fc5e2d73   01/15/97 20:21:48 Joel Sherrill fixed comments on vanilla 68000 SW interrupt stack (or the lack thereof)
(edit) @e1a06d1b   12/02/96 22:47:38 Joel Sherrill Changes to reflect new revision of erc32 per Jiri Gaisler's …
(edit) @6764c84   12/02/96 22:42:30 Joel Sherrill minor changes to eliminate warnings from C++ compilers per user …
(edit) @29d8227e   12/02/96 19:48:29 Joel Sherrill Updates from Derrick Ostertag <ostertag@…> to fix bug in …
(edit) @f4b7e297   12/02/96 19:43:22 Joel Sherrill Update from Chris Johns <cjohns@…> to add better support for …
(edit) @2d0383b   10/14/96 19:17:37 Joel Sherrill patches to erc32.h to correct handling of timer mirror from Jiri Gaisler.
(edit) @355c262c   10/01/96 17:36:57 Joel Sherrill i386_nofp cpu model entry incorrectly had floating point enabled.
(edit) @855edec   09/30/96 20:15:01 Joel Sherrill fixed incorrect placement of CPU_STRUCTURE_ALIGNMENT macro.
(edit) @2069773   09/18/96 20:47:39 Joel Sherrill use address object to avoid direct pointer arithmetic
(edit) @d1193c7   09/18/96 20:47:31 Joel Sherrill corrected white space problems added CPU_STRUCTURE_ALIGNMENT to …
(edit) @a4d97d94   09/18/96 20:45:27 Joel Sherrill new files submitted by Craig Lebakken (lebakken@…) and Derrick …
(edit) @cda277f   09/11/96 19:16:07 Joel Sherrill added $Id$ to file headers cpu.h: added prototype for _CPU_ISR_Get_level()
(edit) @f198c63   09/06/96 18:11:41 Joel Sherrill new file for MIPS port by Craig Lebakken (lebakken@…) and …
(edit) @cd3868cd   08/15/96 21:09:02 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett (tbennett@…)
(edit) @702a31c   08/12/96 20:08:36 Joel Sherrill removed comment about NO_UNINITIALIZED_WARNINGS since that macro no …
(edit) @66e519c1   08/08/96 16:52:24 Joel Sherrill ERC32_Force_interrupt implementation replaced per Jiri Gaisler's …
(edit) @16bae52   08/01/96 15:06:00 Joel Sherrill added 3 nops following write to wim since a restore following it is …
(edit) @f6e6ed8   06/03/96 15:49:22 Joel Sherrill changed so this file is usable from assembly files. no longer uses …
(edit) @f31da72   05/31/96 20:57:17 Joel Sherrill fixed typo in merge of Eric Norum's patch
(edit) @1e665a5   05/31/96 19:01:59 Joel Sherrill corrected minor problem in Eric Norum's changes in the bfffo macro.
(edit) @53fd6e2   05/30/96 19:29:01 Joel Sherrill Eric Norum sent in new versions of the inline assembly macros which do …
(edit) @c627b2a3   05/28/96 21:40:52 Joel Sherrill split the inclusion of "EXTERN" data based on whether it was sapi, …
(edit) @8b2ecf85   05/23/96 15:37:38 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett
(edit) @d196e48   05/23/96 15:34:54 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett. Broke the setjmp/longjmp pair in the …
(edit) @1c964ffa   05/08/96 21:53:50 Joel Sherrill * empty log message *
(edit) @dce1c1a1   05/01/96 15:24:37 Joel Sherrill Updates from Eric Norum to use the mcpu32 flags and fix comments.
(edit) @cc4c1fe4   04/22/96 16:44:54 Joel Sherrill added stack allocation fields to the cpu table updates from Tony …
(edit) @96981e3a   04/22/96 16:44:04 Joel Sherrill added stack allocation fields to the cpu table
(edit) @9a1ccb3   04/22/96 16:43:44 Joel Sherrill added stack allocation fields to the cpu table added CPU_M68K_EXTB_L …
(edit) @f581163a   04/22/96 16:30:30 Joel Sherrill added stack allocation fields to the cpu table
(edit) @d0b7c4e6   04/22/96 16:30:02 Joel Sherrill updartes from Tony Bennett
(edit) @f398452   03/21/96 20:19:33 Joel Sherrill updated for 68302 and so gen68360 bsp would compile
(edit) @110f4ff7   03/06/96 22:23:56 Joel Sherrill Added 68360 support submitted by W. Eric Norum …
(edit) @75f09e5   02/21/96 14:43:34 Joel Sherrill Dispersal of internal thread handler resulted in IDLE thread becoming …
(edit) @6ca1184   02/13/96 22:14:25 Joel Sherrill added clear of _ISR_Signals_to_thread_executing
(edit) @8a38f3b   02/09/96 14:21:37 Joel Sherrill added clear of _ISR_Signals_to_thread_executing
(edit) @b9be5d03   01/17/96 20:11:23 Joel Sherrill increased stack size
(edit) @c64e4ed4   01/15/96 21:50:28 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett for PA and UNIX ports
(edit) @5c491aef   12/20/95 15:39:19 Joel Sherrill changes remerged after lost in disk crash -- recovered from snapshot, …
(edit) @e88d2db   12/05/95 21:41:21 Joel Sherrill Added comments for addition of is_fp flag to _CPU_Context_Initialize.
(edit) @ca201c9   12/05/95 15:28:12 Joel Sherrill minor changes so it would compile
(edit) @c4808ca   10/31/95 21:28:16 Joel Sherrill typos fixed
(edit) @9700578   10/30/95 21:54:45 Joel Sherrill SPARC port passes all tests
(edit) @591d45e   10/06/95 20:49:51 Joel Sherrill fixed null pointer dereference
(edit) @eb5a7e07   10/06/95 20:48:38 Joel Sherrill fixed missing CVS IDs
(edit) @c62d36f   10/06/95 20:01:20 Joel Sherrill SPARC merged and successfully tested w/o interrupt support
(edit) @1ceface   10/06/95 16:33:30 Joel Sherrill moved to new development machine and went to gcc 2.7.0
(edit) @11290355   09/29/95 17:19:16 Joel Sherrill all targets compile .. tony's patches in place
(edit) @37f4c2d   09/27/95 20:53:58 Joel Sherrill Modified UNIX simulator port so all references to native unix stuff is …
(edit) @5e9b32b   09/26/95 19:27:15 Joel Sherrill posix support initially added
(edit) @7fe12f6   09/22/95 17:27:14 Joel Sherrill Removed unneeded referenced to rtems/fatal.h
(edit) @84ee59f5   09/19/95 21:42:27 Joel Sherrill Removed a section of code which was "#if 0"'ed.
(edit) @38ffa0c   09/19/95 18:32:18 Joel Sherrill Incorporated the submission from John S. Gwynne …
(edit) @3652ad35   09/19/95 14:53:29 Joel Sherrill Minor bug fixes to get all targets compilable and running. The single …
(edit) @b3ac6a8d   09/12/95 19:45:42 Joel Sherrill Initial attempt at building HP PA-RISC using Solaris hosted tools. …
(edit) @3a4ae6c   09/11/95 19:35:39 Joel Sherrill The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core. …
(edit) @6b45e470   08/22/95 16:44:49 Joel Sherrill Merged PowerPC port as submitted by Andy Bray of I-CUBED, Ltd …
(edit) @da6375b   08/22/95 16:03:46 Joel Sherrill fix broken RCS Ids -- $ accidentally lost merging changes earlier
(edit) @e7e016f   08/04/95 22:18:45 Joel Sherrill cleanup and optimization from Tony
(edit) @216ed54   08/04/95 22:13:27 Joel Sherrill Tony's updates
(edit) @0d55427   08/02/95 20:01:26 Joel Sherrill * empty log message *
(edit) @1690c6b   07/21/95 20:10:49 Joel Sherrill after testing go32 and cvme961
(edit) @3b170f5   07/20/95 13:20:18 Joel Sherrill removed junk field in context_control
(edit) @217d2e7   07/18/95 20:50:37 Joel Sherrill fixed for Linux
(edit) @10aed1e3   07/18/95 19:58:45 Joel Sherrill fixed for Linux
(edit) @8044533   07/18/95 19:27:50 Joel Sherrill merged Linux UNIX simulator support (C)
(edit) @637df35   07/12/95 19:47:25 Joel Sherrill Ada95, gnat, go32
(edit) @68931b5   06/14/95 20:59:22 Joel Sherrill added David Glessner's 68302 work.
(edit) @34d877e   06/07/95 02:40:23 Joel Sherrill corrected pseudo-code for _ISR_Handler
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