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(edit) @8f9e9bdc   04/19/96 21:10:27 Joel Sherrill event.h: _Event_Manager_initialization no longer a static inline …
(edit) @1a8fde6c   03/06/96 21:34:57 Joel Sherrill Removed prototyes for static inline routines and moved the comments …
(edit) @6dae1c2d   02/09/96 14:25:33 Joel Sherrill added rtems_interrupt_is_in_progress
(edit) @f3dabb04   02/08/96 22:16:35 Joel Sherrill changed synchronization algorithm to be a single list of enumerated states
(edit) @5d3e539   01/17/96 20:11:33 Joel Sherrill added class to initial id macro
(edit) @c64e4ed4   01/15/96 21:50:28 Joel Sherrill updates from Tony Bennett for PA and UNIX ports
(edit) @11ab74e   12/05/95 15:27:51 Joel Sherrill new states added and _Rate_monotonic_Set_State removed.
(edit) @3837215d   12/01/95 19:39:32 Joel Sherrill spurious blank line removed
(edit) @7f6fab6   12/01/95 19:28:52 Joel Sherrill Made _Event_Sync volatile Replaced critical section algorithm to …
(edit) @5e9b32b   09/26/95 19:27:15 Joel Sherrill posix support initially added
(edit) @be650a84   09/21/95 16:22:25 Joel Sherrill moving files around
(edit) @3652ad35   09/19/95 14:53:29 Joel Sherrill Minor bug fixes to get all targets compilable and running. The single …
(edit) @3a4ae6c   09/11/95 19:35:39 Joel Sherrill The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core. …
(edit) @7f6a24ab   08/28/95 15:30:29 Joel Sherrill Added unused priority ceiling parameter to rtems_semaphore_create. …
(edit) @5250ff39   08/23/95 21:06:31 Joel Sherrill Moved _Thread_Information -> _RTEMS_tasks_Information. Added a table …
(edit) @3235ad9   08/23/95 19:30:23 Joel Sherrill Support for variable length names added to Object Handler. This …
(edit) @da6375b   08/22/95 16:03:46 Joel Sherrill fix broken RCS Ids -- $ accidentally lost merging changes earlier
(edit) @b06e68ef   08/17/95 19:51:51 Joel Sherrill Numerous miscellaneous features incorporated from Tony Bennett …
(edit) @a1df0118   08/17/95 15:33:31 Joel Sherrill Id reinserted
(edit) @199fa36   08/17/95 15:32:35 Joel Sherrill no limit removed
(edit) @45819022   08/16/95 19:42:41 Joel Sherrill bug fixes to make macro implementations work
(add) @ac7d5ef0   05/11/95 17:39:37 Joel Sherrill Initial revision
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