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(edit) @9b64c2d5   Apr 15, 1998, 12:10:03 AM Joel Sherrill Per suggestion from Eric Norum, went from one initial extension set to …
(edit) @8959fcc   Sep 30, 1997, 2:49:56 PM Joel Sherrill fixed typo
(edit) @63cebf6   Sep 30, 1997, 2:44:28 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed typos.
(edit) @ad9250cf   Aug 28, 1997, 10:23:10 PM Joel Sherrill Fixed IO Manager calls to remove an argument which was used in 3.2.1 …
(edit) @b47be20   Aug 28, 1997, 1:57:29 PM Joel Sherrill Added IO_Error status code and fixed No_Memory error number.
(edit) @bb566a02   Jul 10, 1997, 8:24:00 PM Joel Sherrill Reordered specs.
(edit) @0b172df9   Jul 10, 1997, 8:23:27 PM Joel Sherrill fixed milliseconds and microseconds to tick conversion routines.
(edit) @6666ea88   Jun 3, 1997, 6:07:30 PM Joel Sherrill Added True and False constants for RTEMS.Boolean types. This …
(edit) @87e951a2   Jun 3, 1997, 4:04:00 PM Joel Sherrill Added RTEMS boolean constants.
(edit) @4c3340c   Jun 3, 1997, 3:22:09 PM Joel Sherrill Added Pending_Events and lined up other event constants
(edit) @d348ad96   Jun 3, 1997, 3:11:39 PM Joel Sherrill added more constants and fixed numer
(edit) @a6b44a8a   Jun 3, 1997, 12:55:42 AM Joel Sherrill added Signal constants, Is_Status_Successful, and Attribute constants.
(edit) @7e3dcbc   Jun 3, 1997, 12:33:48 AM Joel Sherrill added rtems_interrupt_level_attribute routien to return a properly …
(edit) @d766b7fd   Jun 2, 1997, 11:46:15 PM Joel Sherrill added Minimum_Stack_Size and Mode constants
(add) @f3f06f79   Jun 2, 1997, 8:52:48 PM Joel Sherrill added new files from test area. This code has successfully been used …
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