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(edit) @f222e9d4   06/03/97 19:26:36 Joel Sherrill Removed unnecessary dependency on RTEMS_Test_Support which existed in …
(edit) @a1ceec8   06/03/97 19:25:56 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @be1618a   06/03/97 19:21:25 Joel Sherrill removed reference to the Stub Device Driver
(edit) @d6a9988   06/03/97 19:18:15 Joel Sherrill Changed mode and priority of initialization task.
(edit) @5687a1e9   06/03/97 18:38:58 Joel Sherrill Changed attribute of Initialization Task to Floating_Point
(edit) @ac953f2   06/03/97 18:38:40 Joel Sherrill new files
(edit) @82870ab   06/03/97 18:28:38 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @91c78ffd   06/03/97 18:28:23 Joel Sherrill Changed from RTEMS.Boolean to Standard.Boolean to avoid problems.
(edit) @9bec37b   06/03/97 18:06:46 Joel Sherrill Switched to proper types for booleans and increased the stack space …
(edit) @a7156d1   06/03/97 16:00:00 Joel Sherrill Modifed to make the test run to completion. Primarily provided the …
(edit) @4db9c861   06/03/97 15:39:28 Joel Sherrill removed with of unchecked_conversion
(edit) @e351c26a   06/03/97 15:25:28 Joel Sherrill sptest.adb: update Semaphore_Create calling sequence sp12.adb: …
(edit) @c1ef834   06/03/97 15:12:23 Joel Sherrill Fixed problems which prevented the test from compiling and running to …
(edit) @7d366f1c   06/03/97 00:56:11 Joel Sherrill changed reference for Configuration Table from BSP to RTEMS.
(edit) @e56a2ef   06/03/97 00:32:50 Joel Sherrill updated to run
(edit) @f2078ec   06/03/97 00:13:05 Joel Sherrill New style main procedure which creates the test's RTEMS initialization …
(edit) @529cdccd   06/02/97 22:41:03 Joel Sherrill new file
(edit) @7f79b673   06/02/97 22:37:28 Joel Sherrill readded body for "main" procedures
(edit) @77ff3d10   06/02/97 22:14:51 Joel Sherrill removed configuration table definition in Ada
(edit) @cf1ced66   06/02/97 21:53:05 Joel Sherrill new file - automatically generated by a script
(edit) @2b7fc9cc   06/02/97 21:12:42 Joel Sherrill New file -- works in conjunction with support/init.c.
(edit) @b7c2ccc   06/02/97 20:59:29 Joel Sherrill Removed Ada Configuration Table definition.
(edit) @9917d5da   06/02/97 20:57:52 Joel Sherrill added screen files from 3.2.1
(edit) @bf9ae83   06/02/97 20:32:11 Joel Sherrill modified copyright notice to be the same as RTEMS 4.0.0. changed the …
(add) @6d4e604b   06/02/97 20:19:03 Joel Sherrill Initial revision
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